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As I mentioned on my web copy service page, web copy is the words you find on a web page. This includes the headlines, paragraphs, call-to-actions, every… single… word.

By far, web copy is my most requested service. It is also my most referred service. My web copy service even has my clients making me their forever copywriter. Meaning, once I write their web copy, I am their go-to for any and all other web copy or web content needs.


I am not exactly sure… based on feedback and what I know I bring to the table, it has to do with one or all five of these wins….

1. Clear and Meaningful Web Copy

Many of my clients reach out because they are just unsure how to communicate their brand through text. The struggle is too real when it comes to finding the right words to say, then, forming those words into impactful sentences. 

So they end up:

  • not writing copy at all – website is filled with images instead of balanced with words
  • having copy that feels incomplete – overall dissatisfied with the end result 
  • overcompensating – copy is a ramble, rant, or redundant 
  • mimicking others – copy does not embody themselves nor their brand

I understand. 

Therefore, I make it my responsibility to not only write their copy but also create a safe space where they can openly express the thoughts they would like shared throughout their website. 

During the discovery call, I take the time to go to know my clients. I focus on who they are, what they do, and why they do it. Once I have the information I need, I articulate those concepts and transform them into clear and meaningful copy….which is what my clients wanted all along.

2. Web Copy That Aligns with the Brand’s Identity

Web copy is a valuable piece of branding. Your brand may look one way but your web copy gives it life. It provides your brand with a voice, a bass. In other words, strong copy adds depth to your brand image. 

Mind you, my clients’ intentions are to always look good. They want to be on brand, appear professional, establish a visual impact with their audience, all of that. However, my job is to make you sound even better. 

Going back to the discovery call, even though you are sharing your ideas and opinions, I am actively listening for underlying insights into your vision, value, purpose, those special details that make your brand stand out. Many may not verbalize it. But if it is there, I will find it and infuse it into your copy. 

At the end of the day, yes, the web copy is clear. Beyond that, it will be a complement to your brand as a whole. 

The win? Owning web copy that is in tune with your business fits well into your energy… which helps create a stronger and more cohesive brand experience for your clients.

All of which leads me to the next win…

3. Web Copy That Relates & Resonates

That like-know-trust (LKT) appeal is something every business owner wants and works so so hard to have.

However, would if I told you that, when you collaborate with a copywriter, you no longer have to work so hard? That’s because your copy should do that for you. 

Like-know-trust simply involves relationship building and so does web copy. Copy’s intent is to immediately draw in and connect with web page visitors. 

It is for those reasons why I take an empathetic approach that eases client connections. This is done by irritating their pain points, leveling with them about their stresses. And, finally, I wrangle them in by positioning your business as the solution.

To put it into perspective, the win is not just having copy that speaks to the reader but also having copy that speaks for them, as well.

How does this relate to LKT?

Contrary to popular belief, LKT appeal is not gained by how well potential clients like, know, and trust you. Rather, it is gained by how well you like and know your potential clients (this is demonstrated through your copy) so they can trust you, in return.

4. Web Copy That is as Real as You

Hands down, this is the biggest feedback by clients. This is probably their greatest takeaway from working with me — authenticity. 

I never get tired of hearing,

“This sounds exactly like me!” or

“You nailed my tone!” or


I make sure that every piece of web copy looks, sounds, and feels as if the client wrote it. Each draft represents my client’s uniqueness as it should. 

No two people are exactly the same. No two brands are exactly the same. My web copy proves it. 

I have no clue how I do it. But somehow, someway, I can really get into my client’s head. I am a master at taking on their voice and putting it on paper. Maybe this is a natural ability or a skill I have developed over time. 

Either way, I cannot achieve authentic content unless my clients are first authentic themselves. I encourage them to be open and honest throughout the process. Whenever I ask a question, be transparent. If I ask for edits, be honest. Just be you. And, their copy will follow suit. 

5. Web Copy that Sells and Sells

A guarantee with my web copy services: whatever I write will become 100% yours. Once yours, you can do whatever you wish with it. 

I have witnessed my clients do it all. They take advantage of repurposing the copy into:

  • social media captions
  • profile descriptions
  • e-newsletters
  • presentations
  • pitches

There really is no limit to how it can be used to promote a brand.

What I like most is that it lays the foundation for your voice across all platforms. The tones and messages expressed in your web copy will be the same as in your captions and emails. It adds to your consistency and brand experience. 

What they like most is the fact that copy is created to sell. So, many of my clients feel more confident in what they are selling and have the copy (from their website) to back them up.

Bonus Win – A Painless & Professional Experience

I’d thought I’d share just one more win before I close and that is a seamless experience. 

It has become very obvious to me that people hate copy. At least, they hate the process of creating it on their own. 

This is why I took it upon myself to develop a seamless and organized process that makes creating the copy as painless as possible. This includes not having my clients write anything whatsoever. And the process itself is complete in three simple steps.

Professionalism is wrapped into the experience, too. Of course, we have fun. Still, it is my job to present the highest quality copy in a reasonable amount of time. I work to ensure your copy needs are met while delivering top-notch customer service.

About the win, though — relief and ease. Take comfort knowing that your copy is in the hands of a pro. Sit back knowing that you are getting the finest and most winning web copy. 

Ready to claim any or all of these wins as yours? Same! Submit the contact form and I will be in touch with you soon.

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5 Quick Wins for My Web Copy Clients

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