We are taking a short break from discussing all things brand storytelling and Black business. At least, we’ll try! 

Brand storytelling and Black business happen to be our passions! Not to mention, as a brand, we are so quick to speak for others, that we leave very room to speak for ourselves. We believe these honest conversations better connect us to our valued community.

However, our goal is to encourage valued community members to become our valued clientele. 

It’s every brand’s goal, really. Every. Brand. Yours too.

The bridge between our community and our clientele (beyond brand storytelling and Black business talks) is our signature service

MK Copywriting’s Signature Service

The service: we create and execute digital content strategies

The signature: we masterfully leverage brand storytelling and digital marketing tactics to support our clients’ business goals. 

You tell us your brand story and business goals. Our team delivers the strategy and content to support.

And, it only takes four steps…

1.Soul Sessions

Hands-down, this is our clients’ favorite part of the entire process. The purpose of the Soul Sessions is to deeply understand your business and your brand. First, you will complete an online questionnaire. Expect to share your business goals, past marketing efforts (so we know what not to do), and even some fun details about yourself (we like to keep things light). 

Once the questionnaire is complete, we will have a good ol’ Soul Chat. Ever played 20 questions? This is it! Except the focus is solely on you, your brand, and your dream clients. Again, we like to keep things light. Our Soul Chats are super casual, laidback. Grab your snacks. Pour up a drink. Get comfortable. Then, open up. This is your golden opportunity to have your voice heard, understood, and celebrated!

Every detail shared, in the questionnaire and Soul Chat, inspires the strategy and content created.

2. Strategize

Let’s get into this strategy, though! A comprehensive, multi-channel, content marketing strategy (That’s a mouthful). It is based on the information shared during your social session. We also conduct our own research and tap into our own expertise to customize your content strategy. 

We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again. Our team is BIG on communication. You will know this marketing strategy like the back of your hand. It is our responsibility to provide every detail possible so you are confident and knowledgeable about our marketing efforts. 

3. Execute

Your content strategy is brought to life. Our team executes your content strategy with the utmost professionalism and eloquence as we authentically share your brand story. The content pieces created will dramatically echo your brand voice, illuminate your messaging. You will be proud to call this work your own.

Furthermore, each to-do in your strategy becomes to-done. No stone unturned. Every I dotted. Every T crossed. we take on the full copywriting process: brainstorm, draft, edit, schedule, publish — so you don’t have to. Focus on what you do best as we do the same.

4. Analyze

Not only do we care about authentic content, but we also value the numbers to back it up. In other words, we want your content to perform. Yes, we are always seeking validation. That’s not always a bad thing. 

Your goals are simply our compass, navigating the true power of our content and strategy. All we desire is progress. That progress (more like a content journey) is illustrated in your Analysis Report. Page by page we celebrate wins and explore areas of improvement. 

Based on the report, we put the ball in your court. You ultimately decide how you would like to move forward. 

Our Labor of Love

Speaking of moving forward, we’d love the opportunity to discuss the many more details of this service during a complimentary one-on-one consultation. We warmly invite you to book a virtual meeting with us.

Either way, you should know that we are truly passionate, strategic brand storytellers. This brand, MK Copywriting, and signature service simply allow us to work in our gifts. We take pride in providing our passions and experiences to Black businesses that value their own brand stories – hopefully, that will be you someday.

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