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How to Become a Better Writer

We are all writers. We all have something to say and have had to communicate it through text. Learn how to become better writers by applying the three R’s. This will help earn the attention of your readers and create a lasting impact.

The Three R's of Writing | Become a Better Writer | MK Copywriting


Okay. I am going back to the basics. When I say readability what I mean is, “Does the article make any sense?” You would be surprised by how many articles are lacking this characteristic. The common failure of readability comes from too much focus on a keyword– “keyword stuffing.” A prime example: 

“Are you searching for an oil change near me? We offer the best oil change near me! Book your oil change near me today!”  

Yeah…try to avoid keyword stuffing. Let your words and keywords flow naturally. Get your overall message across, then strategically place keywords where they best fit. Most importantly, consider your audience. Assume that everything you have written will be read, hence….readability!


If there is a keyword you are targeting or question you are answering do so entirely. Remain focused. I see too often where articles briefly touch on a topic then move on to other points. Do not go off on tangents. Web copy is like writing a college essay: state your thesis — your keyword or question, then ensure every aspect of your content supports your idea. 


Does what you are saying resonate with your audience? Is what you are saying holding value? Does your audience feel inspired, entertained, and want more? Are they walking away feeling more confused, bored, or in search of better content, instead? This is the additional layer that is not usually considered. 

Resonation is the aspect where you should really hone in on your voice. This is what humanizes your brand. It eases the connection to the reader — provokes an action. To resonate with your audience, share a story. Write with the intention of evoking emotions and change within your reader.  Another suggestion, acknowledge your audiences pain points and be the remedy. 

Become a Better Writer Because You Are One

You are already a great writer; by practicing these characteristics, you will become greater. 

More advice and tricks for better writing are found here. Have a few tips for me, I would love to know! Leave your comment below. 

The Three R’s of Writing


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