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black copywriter typing on her computer

So it’s no secret that black female entrepreneurs are my dream clients. Not my “only” clients, but my dream clients! And, it’s no secret that this little black copywriter is not afraid to say it.  It’s crazy because when I first started MK Copywriting, I never imagined black female entrepreneurs becoming, essentially, the focus of my brand. […]

black female copywriter typing on her laptop

Putting the Signature in this Signature Service! You read that headline right. I am finally putting the signature into my signature service. The game of web copywriting, especially web copywriting for black female entrepreneurs is about to be all shook up! I use to just offer plain ol’ web copy, a basic service. A Home, About, and […]

the power of brand storytelling

It’s a fast-moving and noisy world. Between social media, advertising, and web sites, businesses are constantly fighting to keep their pace and gain attention just to be heard. Unfortunately, these businesses can only keep up for so long. Therefore, they carry out desperate strategies — panicked reactions in efforts to earn a quick dollar and […]

ways to establish your unique brand voice

Visual identity is BIG.  So big that it completely overshadows, the element that allows a brand to stand out and speak to their dream clients – their brand voice.  Even though it cannot be seen, your brand voice can be experienced, felt, even heard.  It is the brains to your brand’s beauty.  Your brand shows […]

how to write engaging web copy | how to make meaningful audience connections

What is engaging web copy?  If you were to Google that right now you won’t find a clear answer.  I promise.  If you don’t believe me, Google it yourself.  You will find the meaning of web copy but engaging web copy, not so much.  That’s because “engaging” doesn’t necessarily define the copy itself. Instead, it […]

benefits of hiring a copywriter

As entrepreneurs, as much as we would like to, we cannot do it all. Some of us have learned this the hard way. Some, the smart way. No matter what, there will be times where you need to call on others for help in your business. Of those should be a professional copywriter.  I strongly […]

that web copy hits different

That web copy hits different because it is different. It is not your everyday social media caption, e-newsletter, not even a blog post. Web copy is completely in a lane of its own. And once you understand why it’s different, you will begin to treat it differently — more like an asset that will lead […]

a meeting about should you post your prices

Every business owner has asked themselves this question. My clients approach me with this question. I even wonder about this myself from time-to-time. “Should I openly share service prices or disclose those details during a one-on-one consult?”  The more I think about it, the more I’m here for the prices on the page. Now this […]

office desk with web copy on the computer screen

Do you wanna know a copywriter’s best kept secret? Our selling without selling ability.  It’s how we manage to convince web visitors into becoming buyers without the pushy salesman tactics. It’s what gives us the title copywriter versus an author or a journalist — it puts us in a lane all on our own.  We […]

mk copywriting - free resouces - copywriter resources

I am very much aware that many people are not as familiar with web copywriting as I would like them to be. That unfamiliarity leads to uncertainty and discomfort about moving forward with copywriting services. I 100% get it! You don’t know me, you don’t know what it is I do, and you are not […]