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my web content creation process - blog batching - mk copywriting

In a previous post, I discussed my blog batching process for my web content services. If you have yet to check it out, here it is. But, there is a lot more to the story when it comes to my web content services and mass-producing blogs…. My Content Creation Process vs My Web Content Process […]

blog batching - content calender - mk copywriting

MK Copywriting’s Three Simple Steps to Obtain Three Months of Content (in only a couple weeks) My web content process is more like a blog batching system, that doesn’t sacrifice quality nor strategy. In fact, quality and strategy are the foundation for producing three months of blog posts in a couple of weeks. So how […]

computer showing a increase web traffic analytic

Long story short, if increasing revenue is your #1 goal, then increasing web traffic should be your goal too!  Why? The more visitors to your site the more likely they are to buy. In other words, an increase in web traffic leads to an increase in revenue. HOWEVER, this only reigns true if you have […]

winning black business woman

As I mentioned on my web copy service page, web copy is the words you find on a web page. This includes the headlines, paragraphs, call-to-actions, every… single… word. By far, web copy is my most requested service. It is also my most referred service. My web copy service even has my clients making me […]

girl wondering about what is a copywriter

Hands down, my most frequently asked question is “What is a copywriter?” Other times, I get: “Copywriter? What’s that?” “So, what exactly do you do?”  “A what?” Yeah, I have heard it all when it comes to a copywriter and what it entails. Unfortunately, many people I come across. whether through networking or just day-to-day […]

woman writing web copy

Know it or not, like it or not, copy is essential. It is our sales factor — the convincing words we all use to better promote our products or services. Let me put it to ya this way, the quality of our copy helps determine the quantity in our bank account. Get what I’m sayin’? […]

black business woman typing blog content

Here’s Why & How to Resolve it Struggling with content? I can relate. As a copywriter, I have no problem creating content. However, as a business owner, I do.  I mean, clearly, content is important; it’s practically KING. Still, that reason alone was not enough for me to get past the difficulties that came with. […]

promote your blog

Next Steps You Should Take To Help Publish & Promote Your Blog How many times have you written a blog…and didn’t publish it? You simply forgot about it? Or, maybe you did publish it and left it at that? You let it fade into the background? For me, that is a no-go!!! Your blog has […]

blog post ideas

For Solopreneurs and Their Business Blogs Own a business? And write a blog? Then, these blog post ideas are for you!! These post ideas were created to reveal who you are as a business owner. Plus, they each open the door for your audience and potential clients to connect with your brand.  Enjoy! 1. Spoken […]

blogs vs instagram

The Biased Version It’s so easy to get caught up in the social media hype. You see your favorite influencers with thousands of followers, living their best life while making thousands of dollars. Yet, when it comes to doing the same for your business, you may be hearing crickets or from the usual crowd.  I […]