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Next Steps You Should Take To Help Publish & Promote Your Blog How many times have you written a blog…and didn’t publish it? You simply forgot about it? Or, maybe you did publish it and left it at that? You let it fade into the background? For me, that is a no-go!!! Your blog has […]

blog post ideas

For Solopreneurs and Their Business Blogs Own a business? And write a blog? Then, these blog post ideas are for you!! These post ideas were created to reveal who you are as a business owner. Plus, they each open the door for your audience and potential clients to connect with your brand.  Enjoy! 1. Spoken […]

blogs vs instagram

The Biased Version It’s so easy to get caught up in the social media hype. You see your favorite influencers with thousands of followers, living their best life while making thousands of dollars. Yet, when it comes to doing the same for your business, you may be hearing crickets or from the usual crowd.  I […]

web copy vs web content

The Real Difference  Web copy vs. web content? Sounds similar, right? But, trust me, there is a difference. And, if you have a website, especially a business site, you should understand the distinction between the two. Diving deeper than the standard textbook definition, I fully breakdown each term below and how it applies to you. […]

the power of brand storytelling

With this rebrand, I am taking more time to craft the experience that will come along with my services. In full transparency, it has caused me to revamp my processes, communications, and all things client-facing. So, some new exciting things are coming your way, here are just a few details about what you can expect. […]

The MK Copywriting Glossary | Terms from A-C Please forgive me. I am just going to give this to you cut and dry. No added fluff necessary. Really don’t want too many details for the intro. Rather, I want to shift all of your focus on the common terms related to copywriting listed below.  By […]

I will be honest, I face the same struggles as you. I am not always excited or in the mood to write. Sometimes writers block hits me and hits me hard. But, I am sure this happens to all of us, right? However, to help get me out of my funk and inspired to write, […]

the power of brand storytelling

It’s a fast-moving and noisy world. Between social media, advertising, and web sites, businesses are constantly fighting to keep their pace and gain attention just to be heard. Unfortunately, these businesses can only keep up for so long. Therefore, they carry out desperate strategies — panicked reactions in efforts to earn a quick dollar and […]