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the power of brand storytelling

It’s a fast-moving and noisy world. Between social media, advertising, and web sites, businesses are constantly fighting to keep their pace and gain attention just to be heard. Unfortunately, these businesses can only keep up for so long. Therefore, they carry out desperate strategies — panicked reactions in efforts to earn a quick dollar and […]

how to write engaging web copy | how to make meaningful audience connections

What is engaging web copy?  If you were to Google that right now you won’t find a clear answer.  I promise.  If you don’t believe me, Google it yourself.  You will find the meaning of web copy but engaging web copy, not so much.  That’s because “engaging” doesn’t necessarily define the copy itself. Instead, it […]

office desk with web copy on the computer screen

Do you wanna know a copywriter’s best kept secret? Our selling without selling ability.  It’s how we manage to convince web visitors into becoming buyers without the pushy salesman tactics. It’s what gives us the title copywriter versus an author or a journalist — it puts us in a lane all on our own.  We […]