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office desk with web copy on the computer screen

Do you wanna know a copywriter’s best kept secret? Our selling without selling ability.  It’s how we manage to convince web visitors into becoming buyers without the pushy salesman tactics. It’s what gives us the title copywriter versus an author or a journalist — it puts us in a lane all on our own.  We […]

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I am very much aware that many people are not as familiar with web copywriting as I would like them to be. That unfamiliarity leads to uncertainty and discomfort about moving forward with copywriting services. I 100% get it! You don’t know me, you don’t know what it is I do, and you are not […]

girl wondering about what is a copywriter

Hands down, my most frequently asked question is “What is a copywriter?” Other times, I get: “Copywriter? What’s that?” “So, what exactly do you do?”  “A what?” Yeah, I have heard it all when it comes to a copywriter and what it entails. Unfortunately, many people I come across. whether through networking or just day-to-day […]