Putting the Signature in this Signature Service!

You read that headline right. I am finally putting the signature into my signature service. The game of web copywriting, especially web copywriting for black female entrepreneurs is about to be all shook up!

I use to just offer plain ol’ web copy, a basic service. A Home, About, and Service page. 

That was it. 

But in 2021, it will be taken to another level with my new package called…Soul-to-Site Web Copy!!

What’s the difference?

Well, before I tell you everything that is going into this signature, first you need to know what I am taking away… 

1. Overused Call-to-Actions

When I say overused CTAs I am referring to these:

  • call today 
  • contact me
  • book now
  • learn more

You will not find these on my website and they should not be on yours. 

We are so much better than that. Therefore, our CTAs should be better. By better, I mean more engaging, more memorable, and unique. Each should be reflective of your brand voice as well as lean into the overall transformation

Dry Headlines

Now, when I say dry headlines I am referring to these:

  • work with me
  • about [insert name]
  • meet [insert name]
  • my services

I cringe every time I see these phrases on a website. 

That’s because every bit of your copy should be selling your business, highlighting your brand voice, and engaging your reader. 

Headlines like these do the exact opposite

“I Help…” Statements

Is it just me or does every entrepreneur have an “I help…” statement?

I am not sure when this became the standard for brand messaging, but… NO!

Brand messaging should be original, expressive, and catchy. 

Not only that, your brand messaging should be echoed throughout your entire website…instead of being a one-liner stamped across your homepage.

No, ma’am. 

Boring “I help” statements gotta go! 

Say “BYE!” to BORING!

And say, “Heyyy!” to Soul-to-Site Web Copy!

Copywriting for Black Female Entrepreneurs: The New Standard

Like I said, I am putting the signature in this signature service. That comes with the sauce and the boss. That happens to be you!

The goal is to put some soul into your brand. Give your brand life, heart, and the attitude that speaks to your dream clients. 

You are passion-driven and purpose-filled. It is time to make it evident.

Let’s break all the rules of web copy…so you can breakthrough to your clients and break out in your industry. 

Push boundaries. Tell your brand story. 

Your copy will drip with passion, transformation, UVPs, enticing CTAs, your distinct voice, everything needed to further brand your business and connect with your dream clients. 

And, right now… 

I’m going to leave it at that.

Soul-to-Site Web Copy Has Already Launched!!

And it is patiently waiting to be booked by you! Click here to get started on solidifying your brand voice and messaging!

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Copywriting for Black Female Entrepreneurs

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Authenticity and simplicity are my thing! And, at MK Copywriting expect them to be yours too. I h

Authenticity and simplicity are my thing! And, at MK Copywriting expect them to be yours too. I h