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Do you have a blog? If so, why? Is it because everybody has one? Because you are wanting to be found on Google? Okay… but why? Why do you have a blog?

Does Your Blog Have a Purpose?

Every blog should have a purpose. Your blog’s purpose could be to teach or to entertain. You could share a blog for your own creative expression. Better yet, you could be voicing a community that lacks a public platform. Possibly, all of the above. The point is your blog should have meaning that connects every one of your readers to you. 

Define Your Blog’s Purpose

It is important to recognize why you are writing. This reason will serve as the foundation for all your work. Writing with a goal-in-mind instantly elevates your content. It is best to define your goal at the start of your content strategy. Clearer and more direct content is sure to be followed.

Consider the Reader, Then Think SEO

Too many business owners believe the purpose of a blog is to boost SEO. This intention is a bit shallow and, as a writer, disappointing. Today, information is being watered-down and muddied by the overwhelming (or maybe underwhelming) amount of empty content published daily. Literally, pieces are published without importance, focus, and the consideration of the reader. Quite frankly, it is unfair. 

As a result, the Internet being “too loud” is a constant user complaint. It would be more tolerable if the sound was more harmonious, something that users would want to hear, rather than staticky. Businesses are cluttering the digital world with content that is recognized by one, the owner, instead of appreciated by all. 

Show Your Purpose

Establishing an objective can change this. Cut through the noise with pieces that are representative of your business and cherished by consumers. Although SEO is beneficial, having quality content will have a greater lasting impression. 

This Blog’s Purpose

My blog celebrates the art of words. Everything expressed is rooted with the purpose to educate readers on copy and everything it involves. The goal is to demonstrate strong quality content for business owners and readers who are not-so-familiar. I aim to open your eyes of what your content can be and inspire you to do better.

If you are truly wanting to make a solid impact on the Internet then you need a copywriter that extends their efforts beyond SEO realms. I want you to understand that writing is one of the greatest forms of expression; using it only for monetary purposes does not necessarily equal value.

So I ask again, Do you have a blog? If so, why? Is it because everybody has one? Because you are wanting to be found on Google? Okay… but why? It is time you dig deeper. Contact me, today. 

Does Your Blog Have a Purpose?


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