As an entrepreneur, when was the last time you asked for help? 

Take your time. I’ll wait.

Really think about it.

Been a minute, huh? 

I’ll bet you $10, that “help” probably isn’t even in your vocabulary.

At least that was my case. MK Copywriting needed help sooo bad. So 👏🏾 bad 👏🏾 . 

Whew chile. The flashbacks and the struggles.

Just thinking back on it makes me wonder,

“Why do I and many entrepreneurs struggle so much with simply asking for help?” 

I am not sure why. However, I am more than willing to give you some tips on how

1. Admit You Need Help

Before asking for help, first, admit that you need it. 

It is clear that entrepreneurs wear many hats. We do sales, marketing, accounting, customer service, operations, everything. On top of that, some of us have families, full-time jobs, and outside responsibilities to care for as well.

The crazy part? We’ve convinced ourselves that we can do it all despite our reality being the opposite. We may do it all. Yet, that doesn’t mean that we should. Let alone doing it all – does not mean we do it better. 

It’s just a mindset.  

A false sense of independence numbing you from the pain of doing it all so you can have it all, i.e. success. 

To be completely honest, this mindset almost cost my business and my sanity. I was so blinded by the busyness of my own business that it nearly broke me. 

Yeah. I built a brand with my own two hands. I was so close to success (heyyy, 5-figure months) I could taste it. 

But my own two hands can only hold so much. The more I pushed towards success the more I had to carry… until I slowly felt MK Copywriting slipping through my fingers.

The same two hands that created this business were the same two hands destroying it. I’d admit it. 

I had to admit that: 

  • MK Copywriting’s success had peaked. 
  • My business growth was stunted by my own mental and physical capacity. 
  • That being a solopreneur had its limitations.
  • I am not perfect nor alone in my business …help is out there.

So, your turn? What are your struggles? What’s holding you back? Are you experiencing false independence too? Get it off your chest. 

Just admit it! Put it all on the table. Don’t worry. We will clean it up in just a bit. 

2. Ask for Help as an Entrepreneur

Trust me when I say, this is the hardest part. 

How many times have you reached out for help, only to:

  • Be given the wrong information
  • Spending more of your money and time (just to get nowhere)
  • End up having to do the work yourself, anyway

We know that’s you! 

The same goes for our clients. 

But, that’s because, one, many of our clients have trouble specifically pinpointing where they require help. Two, they also lacked the language to effectively communicate their problems and solutions. 

So, they often hired or outsourced the people who misunderstood their needs as well as the solution – leading to frustrating and unwanted results (all listed above). Hence why it is the hardest.

You’d be surprised how many struggles with brand communications, multi-channel marketing, or brand storytelling. Yet, hire a brand strategist or a social media manager, or even a virtual assistant, when they actually need a copywriter (we happen to have a whole team). 

3. Acceptance

Even though I mentioned “Asking” being the hardest part for entrepreneurs, I actually struggled with acceptance the most. 

Because it is one thing to ask for help. It is another to receive it. 

Acceptance requires complete trust and vulnerability. You, literally, have to place your business (your vision, your goal, your money, your clients, your services, your livelihood) in the hands of strangers. 

It almost requires a mindset shift, from solopreneur to CEO, from stuck to growth. 

So, face the mirror. Understand that your desired success cannot be achieved alone. But also realize, acceptance takes time. Baby steps into hiring a team or seeking a trusted third party – while gaining comfort along the way. 

Remember, there are plenty of people ready, willing, and more than able to help. Just open your heart and mind to accept it. 

Final Word

Again, asking for help is not easy,  but it can get easier.

Just know MK Copywriting is here to better make it that way. Click here to learn more about our services and how we can best help you.


Mani, Founder of MK Copywriting

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How to Ask for Help as an Entrepreneur