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Long story short, if increasing revenue is your #1 goal, then increasing web traffic should be your goal too! 


The more visitors to your site the more likely they are to buy. In other words, an increase in web traffic leads to an increase in revenue. HOWEVER, this only reigns true if you have the strategy to back it up. When I say strategy, I mean content strategy.

It is imperative that you create the right content for the right audience that will drive valuable traffic to your site. Only then will you witness the return.

So which is the right strategy? How should you go about creating the right content for the right audience? 

You have options. Several. The choice is yours. 

I list a few of the most common. I also share the pros and cons of each to better guide your decision.

Before You Decide, Consider This:

Content creation comes in two forms: paid and unpaid. A.k.a. organic and inorganic. As you consider each strategy, also consider your budget and time. They put the “investment” in return on investment. 

So use both your time and budget wisely, because the more you want out (return) the more you may have to put in.

I prefer the organic or unpaid traffic-driving strategies. That’s exactly what this blog will focus on. If you would like me to go over the paid side, simply let me know in the comments.

Organic Content Strategies that Increase Web Traffic


If you don’t know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, I highly encourage you to find out. There is so much to learn about SEO and the benefits that come with.

I define it as a series of strategies used to improve the quality of your website, on the front and back end. By improving the quality of your site, you improve your Google rankings making it easier for Google users to find you (an automatic increase in web traffic). 

There are way more details than what I just explained.That’s the blessing and the curse of SEO.

Once you know SEO and begin to implement its strategies, you will see results. It works!! I have witnessed it for my own business and others. Everytime you Google something, the first sites that pop up are also proof that, once again, it WORKS.

Unfortunately, SEO tactics require a lot of studying before implementing. You will fall into the rabbit hole of research if you are not careful. SEO teachings are never ending. That’s because everyone has their own take and practices that they feel must be shared with the world wide web. 

SEO strategies are also manipulated by an algorithm. So not only is it super complicated, but it may also take time to see significant results.

Web Content Marketing

Instead of focusing on the quality of your entire website, you can choose a single page to attract high traffic: your blog.

Blogging is an SEO strategy in itself. You can reap the same benefits as SEO while adding depth to your brand voice. Each published post can reveal to readers your more vulnerable side, prove your expertise, or start a conversation about the topic of your choice. Wanting like-know-trust appeal? Desire human-to-human connections in addition to increased web traffic? Blogging is a strong start.

However, once you start, try your best not to stop. The keys here are consistency and quality. A consistent and quality blog will lead to consistent and quality web traffic. See the parallels? 

The con could be the investment. You can either invest your time to regularly produce and publish blog content. Or, you can invest your money and hire someone to do it for you.

Either way, the return will equal (or far exceed) the investment you make. 

Social Media Marketing

This is probably a majority of business owners’ go-to. One, it’s fairly easy to set up and maintain. Two, you can easily connect to a wider and more targeted audience based on the platform that hosts them.

If your dream client is CEOs or their counterparts, LinkedIn may be for you.

Prefer a more energetic and transparent crowd? Facebook or Instagram are strong contenders.

Then there’s Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 

Whether you choose one, all, or none, that’s, again, your choice. 

The downside of social media marketing, it’s indeed the go-to. These platforms are highly saturated with users and content. It’s very difficult to stand out in the crowd. Let alone, move that crowd to your website.

This is because these social networks were designed to lure users on to their platform and keep them there. Once someone logs into Facebook or Instagram, they are trapped in a scroll trance for hours. And, they do not want to interrupt that time by venturing to another site (including yours), unless the content deeply compels them to. 

Among other cons, short content lifespan and content ownership (or the lack of both). Each is discussed in a previous blog post

Know that competition is steep. Everyone is fighting for the user’s attention; despite their attention span being very low to begin with.

Email Marketing 

Before we dive into email marketing, this can be a gray area when falling into the categories of paid or unpaid. Email marketing requires the use of an email marketing platform. Some are free and some are not. Again, the choice is yours. 

Whichever you choose you are bound to see a return if done correctly. It may be one of the oldest forms of traffic-driving content strategies; however it’s one of the most efficient.

It doesn’t take a lot of time nor money (even if you pay for a platform) to create an email campaign. Deploy an email that contains CTAs and direct links to your site, you are guaranteed to gain traffic. Quality traffic.

Emails are sent to interested subscribers. If they were not interested in your business, they would not have opted to be recipients in the first place.

Attaining subscribers was once difficult to do. However, with the help of a lead magnet, that step has become easier. Creating the lead magnet? Not so much. Expect time, creativity, brain power (maybe investing in a template or two) to make that happen.

It’s an immense yet worthwhile workaround to increase web traffic.

The Right Audience Determines The Right Content

Which content is the best for you? Which will drive the highest traffic to your site? One more time, the choice is yours. However, before making that choice, consider your audience. 

You can choose the content. But your audience will determine if it’s right or wrong. 

To better make the right choice, one that leads to increased web traffic, understand your audiences’ needs, wants, pain points. Create the content that resolves each.

That right content will be the reasons why users visit your site. Let your expertise, personality, and solutions you share be the reason they return. More like, be the return of your investment.

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How to Increase Web Traffic Organically

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