Do you wanna know a copywriter’s best kept secret?

Our selling without selling ability. 

It’s how we manage to convince web visitors into becoming buyers without the pushy salesman tactics. It’s what gives us the title copywriter versus an author or a journalist — it puts us in a lane all on our own. 

We sell, honey, and we do it well.

But how? 

At base-level, it is a skill. However, I am willing to open up and share some tips and tricks that give further insight into exactly how we do what we do. 

My Pro Web Copy Secrets

Put your most important information at the top 

It pays to jump right to the good stuff, literally. When it comes to web copy, aim to grab the reader’s attention and hold on to it.

Whether my web copy clients notice or not, nearly every page written comes with a one-liner. They get the headline, the sub-headline, then the one-line, in that order!

The one-line is a single sentence that directly states the work they do and a unique value (or benefit) associated. This is demonstrated throughout my website and you may also see this technique within my web copy portfolio

That’s because it’s crucial that every web visitor knows “what’s in it for them” from the time they land on the site. It is also a way to warmly introduce yourself to the reader while briefly providing the background information they need.

Make your web copy skimmable

Website visitors have a habit of skimming pages. Unless they are deeply interested in what you have to offer, they rarely read your entire site word-for-word from top-to-bottom. 

As much as we would like that to be the case, still prepare your web copy for worst-case-scenario — a quick copy scan. Simply, make your web copy skimmable. 

Make short paragraphs and bullet points your friend. Have headlines and call-to-actions become your besties. Better yet, make them your hype men that highlight and promote the sections of copy in between. 

Also when writing web copy, keep these skimmable tips in your back pocket:

  • avoid dense paragraphs
  • balance your web copy with white space
  • bold, highlight, or italicize text to make it standout 

The easier it is to read your web copy, the more appealing it will be to your web visitors. That increases their likelihood of attaining important information necessary to buy.

Speak your audience’s language

This is often a HUGE miss when it comes to web copy. I see it all the time. The problem is misconception. 

A lot of business owners believe that proving their expertise, alone, is a way to get clients. That people will want to work with them because they know more about a specific topic, have unique industry insight, or exclusive secrets that guarantee success. 

I mean, there are plenty of money-making gurus, influencers, coaches, out there that contribute to that perception. And admittedly we have all fallen into their trap by investing way more than we should have into that course or whatever they choose to sell. 

But was it solely their expertise, industry status, or online reputation that made us buy in the first place? Not at all. 

Before mimicking that tactic, understand that they, too, have mastered the art of selling without selling, especially the ability to speak their audience’s language.

They knew your underlying needs. They started the conversation. They shared their expertise. They built the relationship. Now, you bought exactly what they were selling. All because they knew what you wanted from the beginning. They just took the time to nurture you into a paying customer.

Web copywriter’s leverage this exact same tactic. 

So before you talk too much about yourself (your background and expertise), speak your audience’s language instead. 

Take time to understand your dream client’s pain points, their struggles, and needs. Level with them in your copy. Harness that like, know, and trust appeal to guide them towards a purchase. 

The Big Takeaway

Actually there are two. 

The first takeaway: effective web copy is not only about what’s written but how. 

You could be saying all the right things. However, if your copy is not presented in the right way, in a manner where it can be well-received, it is almost a waste. 

So focus on selling without selling to shift your approach rather than the content itself.  

The second takeaway: your web copy should be selling so you don’t have to. Don’t get me wrong, you will have to seal the deal at some point, but your web copy should do a majority of the heavy lifting.

Because sales pitches are awkward and uncomfortable. 

Make them easier by allowing your web copy to do the talking. Inform readers about who you are and what you do. Use it to explain your unique brand value and benefits. Provide them with clear next steps to book your services. Put your web copy to work

That way you can seal the deal without breaking a sweat.

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How to Sell Without Selling

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