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MK Copywriting | An Honest Mistake

As a business owner, I am sure to make a lot of mistakes. But this has to be one of my most obvious and embarrassing.

The Mistake 

I completely neglected my social media pages. Yes, I ghosted my own online platform — straight Casper’ed.

As a digital copywriter, I immediately thought my social media content would flow naturally. I had imagined posts popping into my head (like a lightbulb), inspiring me to publish. Because of that, I began this business without a fully developed content strategy. This would have been a great idea if only it worked. Let’s keep it real… this is my first post since August. Cue the crickets.

As a result, my social media platforms have gone stale. I feel I appear inconsistent and not in tune with my brand. In my eyes, I am a hypocrite. How can I promote social media posts for other small business owners, when I refuse to do it for myself? Well, maybe not refuse; rather avoid. 

I have created over 300 social media captions and graphics for businesses (I am not exaggerating) yet when it comes to creating my own I freeze. Nevertheless, whether I refuse, avoid, or freeze, all are excuses.

The Lesson

There are two lessons to be learned. 

One, comfort zones are dangerous. I chose to stay in my social media-free bubble. Thus, my brand suffered and faded into the background. Instead, I want users to remember and interact with MK Copywriting. Therefore, I must put my business into the forefront despite the difficulty. 

Two, I need a content strategy. As much of a social media expert I consider myself to be, I only gain great results when I plan for them. I failed to plan and… you know the rest. Take it from me: A social media platform is not going to grow until you feed it (mine nearly starved). Having an in-depth content strategy eases the what, when, and where-to-post anxieties. No longer will those fears keep me in my comfort zone. 

The Change

I vow to become an active participant in social media (please hold my feet to the fire). From now on, I will publish regularly on social media without second-guessing myself. I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing all the awkwardness. 

This is much easier said than done so to push through, I developed my own content strategy! I will expand the content that I share, then who knows? Maybe it will expand my audience? That is the goal.

What I know for a fact is changes are being made. Get ready because MK Copywriting is soon to scroll through your timeline. Add @MKCopywriting on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss the action.

As I admit my mistake, I encourage you to look within yourself to discover your own. What is holding you back? What is it costing you? Let’s start the conservation, then learn and grow from one another. Post and share your comments below.

An Honest Mistake


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  1. Britney says:

    What’s holding me back? Definitely the fear of failure, the lack of right materials, and money. But sometimes you have to start where you are to get where you want to be. I see myself always starting something and then putting it off because “I feel” I need something else to help me succeed and get where I want to be. Not anymore! I’m going to continue to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve already took the first step! I can only go up from here!

    • MK Copywriting says:

      I completely understand, Britney. One thing I have learned lately is that you can’t have success without failure. If you do make a misstep, be sure to get up and keep moving — it will only make you stronger. Congratulations on taking that first step outside your comfort zone! I hope you continue to make many many more!


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