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MK Copywriting’s Three Simple Steps to Obtain Three Months of Content (in only a couple weeks)

My web content process is more like a blog batching system, that doesn’t sacrifice quality nor strategy. In fact, quality and strategy are the foundation for producing three months of blog posts in a couple of weeks.

So how exactly do I do it? How do I hyper-produce blogs? Easy. Keep reading to learn all about my web content process.

The Purpose of Blog Batching for My Clients

Before we jump into the how, let’s get into the why. Of course batching blogs is efficient. 

However, it is so much more than just creating and publishing blog posts. It also comes with blog optimization and blog management. Blog optimization meaning implementing SEO strategies on the front and back end to help the post achieve your goals. Blog management meaning, running content audits to ensure each post aligns with your goals. 

These are very time-consuming, not one-and-done type services. They require weekly maintenance. And by batching blogs, getting content creation out the way, I have more availability to focus on these tasks.

In my humble opinion, completing these are equally, if not more, valuable than writing the blogs themselves. Because without optimization and management, just producing a regular, degular, schmegular blog will not be enough to have a site perform. These are needed to give your blog direction and depth to obtain results (increased web traffic).

This is the difference between consulting a pro and doing-it-yourself. Many only write the blogs. They fail to continue optimizing and manage the post to reap all the benefits.

My Web Content Process

Okay…now that I’ve gotten that off my chest and out of my mind, let’s talk: the process. Like I said, it’s easy. Another detail: it’s repeatable. I only complete this process four times out of the year.

Some like it. I love it. Here are the three simple steps to produce three months of content (in only a few weeks).

1.Quarterly Content Planning Session

Even though the title says “content planning,” it is more like a 50/50 session. The first half is an introspective discovery session. Oh, yes. Before I can write, I have to understand why I am writing and who I am writing for. So, I ask a series of insightful questions that reveal your black girl magic, the special elements about your brand that needs to be communicated (e.g. your brand voice, solutions-offered, goals, dream clients, etc.). Conducting this will be my guide on how to write your blogs, so they look, feel, and sound as if you wrote it. Seem familiar?

The second half of the session is strategic content planning. We mainly brainstorm topics that we both feel interest your audience. After our brain dump, we narrow them down into topics you would like to be drafted and published. Depending on the number of blogs you want (per month), will determine the number of topics chosen. Also discussed, publishing dates; that way I know exactly what to write and when.

2. Revision Rounds

Just like that, the content is written and ready for your review. (Typically, I present the content drafts to my clients 7-10 business days after the quarterly content planning session.)

Since we are working on a faster pace, revision rounds should be completed in roughly a week. The turnaround time between each revision is 48 hours to stick with the publishing schedule. However, I am as flexible as you are. If we need to move around some publishing dates to ensure the content is just right, I am here for it. All you have to do is let me know and we can rework the dates.

That brings me to my next point. I always encourage honest and open feedback. Do not hesitate to tell me if you love (or hate) the content, if there are details that are not factually correct, or there’s something in the text that does not pertain to your business. These rarely happen, but if they do, please share. Trust me, I can handle it. 

At the end of the day, these blogs will be published on your platform. They are an extension of your brand. Therefore, they should represent you well. I make it my responsibility and work to the best of my ability, to ensure that happens. And when we work together, it’s only for the better. 

3. Publish & Promote

After your approval of the content, I move forward with publishing (or scheduling) your blog posts. This is where I bring in blog optimization and management. Expect your blog to have feature images, meta descriptions, links, plus more. And it will be monitored over time to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO strategies.

About that blog post, it is 100% yours! I do not require any branding or writing credit on my end. Feel free to take the blog and repurpose it into other content pieces to be used across your marketing platforms. I even provide support materials to help you gain the most from your blog while building web traffic. Because that’s the goal, right?

If so, then maybe my web content services for you. Or, were for you. Unfortunately, I will be phasing out my web content services. By the time you read this post, they may no longer exist. 

That’s because my done-for-you web content service has transitioned into a done-with-you web content product.

Want more details? 

Hint hint: it’s an interactive workbook and workflow that step-by-step walks you through my blog batching process, the entire process (from blog creation to blog optimation to blog management). 

Interested? Check the MKC blog frequently. I will be announcing my new product in the coming days.

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My Web Content Process

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Authenticity and simplicity are my thing! And, at MK Copywriting expect them to be yours too. I h

Authenticity and simplicity are my thing! And, at MK Copywriting expect them to be yours too. I h