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A while ago I created a blog titled “Do You Need A Copywriter?” It was cute and all but now it’s time to get serious. 

The question isn’t “Do you need a copywriter?” But, “Why?” Here I list actual factual reasons why you should hire a copywriter -more specifically, a digital or SEO copywriter like me.

Need a new website

This is how I get the majority of my clients. They have started the process of a website build and quickly realized their website designer does not write copy.

Truth be told, a majority of website builds are not complete with the bells and whistles. Meaning, it is your responsibility to come up with the content for each page – right down to the headlines, paragraphs, calls-to-action, everything

Be like your website designer — simply choose not to write the copy. Instead, hire a copywriter to do it for you.

Inconsistent brand messaging

Your Instagram says one thing but your website says another. There is no need to send mixed messages. Keep it consistent on all platforms when you hire a copywriter.

In doing so, you will have a clear and cohesive strategy across all networks. Better yet, all your content will be linked, seamlessly navigating users from one platform to the next.

Too much misinformation

To broaden the perspective of messaging, maybe you work in an industry where there is too much misinformation. Two hot topics where this is greatly true: Coronavirus and the plunging economic markets

The media has a strong grip on the news and mass communication. Still, you could be a great resource to explain your truth. Although your platform may not be as large, sometimes reaching a few people may have profound impacts. 

A copywriter can communicate the facts in a manner that grabs the audience’s attention. Not to mention, we will fully convey your message with a tone meant to properly inform, appease, or rectify the opposing information.

Use your platform to clear up any wrong grumblings that are negatively affecting your industry, consumers, or your brand. With a copywriter, we will help you carefully clarify what is right.

By the way, those two topics were just examples. Misconceptions are a common issue for those working in the beauty, healthcare, finance industries, and more. 

Struggling to stand out 

Same services. Similar prices. So, why should a consumer choose you? Here, we focus on what makes you unique, your competitive advantage. As a copywriter, one of my biggest strengths is understanding your brand story, background, and strengths to establish your unique selling proposition (USP). 

A USP is a powerful angle that differentiates your business from those with similar offerings. Coupled with your audience’s needs and your company’s strengths, a copywriter will determine your USP to sell your brand and compel your ideal clients.

Before you know it, your services or products will steadily rise above your competitors. Eventually, they will no longer be in your league.

Difficulty communicating

Sometimes, small business owners feel as though writing isn’t their strong suit. Basically, they know what to say but don’t know how to say it.

Relieve yourself of that burden. Rather, think out loud because you will be heard. Believe me, copywriters will put those thoughts on paper and then some.

I, too, place those having to write outside of their native language in this category. They are in the same boat as they know what they want to say; yet, because of the language barrier, are unsure how. 

No content at all

I could preach to you all day about the importance of publishing content. In actuality, it is a lot easier said than done. However, I am not here to preach. I am here for support. 

With a copywriter, an actionable and effective content strategy will be written and ready for you to execute. For those who prefer a hands-off approach, hire a copywriter to strategize, draft, publish, then repeat.

We will do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to supplying your content. If this is what it takes to finally make your online presence known, so be it. We know the positive impacts content has on you and your next customer (hint hint). Therefore, we are willing to do the work to help you achieve it.

Plenty of content but not seeing the return

At the same time, there are businesses that post almost every second of every day. Yet for some reason, these posts are rarely viewed, engaging, and ultimately do not convert. 

A copywriter will take an honest look at your current content then compare it with your marketing goals and audience to reveal discrepancies. Alongside identifying them, a copywriter will have solutions to get you back on track.

Bored with your current content

There are some who post regularly, have steady website traffic, and are witnessing the results of their content strategy. However, they crave something more. 

Your content should deliver results and satisfaction. When facing the opposite, there is an underlying lack of something you desire. Hire a copywriter to pinpoint the broken thread. Once that is acknowledged, we will lend our expertise for it to be amended.

Content Maintenance

Strong Google rankings. Strong social media presence. Strong voice. You have achieved your DIY content goals. But, this is not a stopping point. In reality, you have only just begun. You must keep the pace to sustain long-term results. 

This time, take on a passive approach to focus on doing what you love. Just sit back and let your content work as hard as you do — more like your copywriter.

Whether we address audience feedback, revive older pieces, or apply up-to-date strategies, there is always room for improvement.

So, don’t let your efforts go to waste. Consider hiring a copywriter to pick up exactly where you left off.

Need a Copywriter?

NOW, is the time for me to ask “Do you need a copywriter?”

Well, do you? Feel free to get in touch.

I would also love to know your thoughts on this article. Do not hesitate to comment below.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Copywriter


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