the blog kit!

trello board template

A Trello Board template that organizes and streamlines the web content creation process. So you can finally own a consistent blog that encourages website traffic growth.



the details

The Blog Kit is a customizable workflow and workbook hosted on the Trello platform. Your template will consist of lists (or columns) that represent every phase in my content creation process. 

Within each list, you can create cards that identify as a blog post that feature a built-in checklist. As you check each item off the list, the card automatically moves across the board. You will also have additional resources and inclusions to add ease to completing each task.

The goal is to complete all the steps, eventually moving the card all the way to the final phases (publish and promote). 

All the guesswork and to-dos of blogging become clear and outlined so you can successfully blog for business from start to finish.


a trello board that works as hard as you do

built-in automations

10 Blog Topics

blog post

blog post
tip sheet

video tutorials

and more!

The blog kit inclusions

how does it work

organize & streamline your content creation process

After you purchase The Blog Kit, check your inbox for a confirmation email. The confirmation email will feature Next Steps to make The Blog Kit yours. If you purchased the presale, Next Steps will be detailed at a later date.

1. receive email

In the Next Steps email, you will receive a special link to install The Blog Kit into your Trello board account. The email will also feature a video tutorial that details steps on how to install the template. You'll be surprised how easy this is to do.

2. upload template

3. enjoy!

Once The Blog Kit is installed, you will have additional tutorials that walk you through your Trello board template, demonstrates best practices, and customization how-tos. From there, you are free to enjoy your new Blog Kit!

frequently asked questions

how long will the presale last?

The Blog Kit Presale will end Oct. 30, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST.

The Blog Kit launches to pre-sale purchases ONLY on Oct.31, 2020.

The Blog Kit will be immediately available for all post-presale shoppers November 2nd, 2020.

who is the blog kit for?

The Blog Kit is the perfect digital product for business owners who:

• rather DIY a blog than outsource
• use or want to use blogging as a core marketing strategy
• want to knock blogging off their to-do list 
• find it difficult drafting and publishing a blog post
• are ready to write, optimize and publish blog content consistently (batch blog content)
• formerly tried traditional blogging materials (e.g. downloadable, printables, and physical blog planners) yet got nowhere
• prefer a more approachable and practical process for writing a blog
• would like a thorough step-by-step guide that teaches the blogging batching basics 
• strive for completion over perfection – just want to make blogging a habit knowing their writing skills will be refined over time

do i need an upgraded trello version to use?

You do not have to purchase an upgraded version of Trello to install The Blog Kit. HOWEVER, a Trello account will limit the number of built-in automations and Power-Ups that can be used with The Blog Kit. Meaning, you will not experience the template's full functionality. 

what is the return policy?

what else can i use the blog kit for?

The Blog Kit is specifically created for web content creation, a.k.a blogging. It is not recommended for use outside of its original purpose.

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