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MK Copywriting is a freelance copywriter that blogs for marketing agencies.

Working for an agency, you are managing everything: social media accounts, email campaigns, online reputations, meetings, and much more. I worked for an agency; therefore, I know the struggle — I mean the juggle. 

You are hard at work, taking full responsibility for all your clients’ marketing needs so occasionally some things may slip through the cracks. You should know it is completely okay. This former digital marketing specialist now digital copywriter has your back. 

Many of you meet the basic content requirements(e.g. proper keyword density, subheadings, minimal word counts). Yet, here are a few tactics that can boost your blogs without taking away too much time from all your other to-dos. Together let’s create content that meets your clients, your audience, and Google standards.

Share the Linking Love

All blogs should include at least two links: one internal, the other external. No excuses! This is an essential factor in improving Google search rankings. Casey at Verblio provides an excellent explanation as to why and how to use links in your content. Read about it here.

Links are easy to include and contribute to your blog significantly — definitely a blog booster. They are simple to incorporate and satisfies Google SEO standards. As a result, you elevate your credibility as a marketing expert and your blog’s ranking.

Additionally, they add depth to your content. With strategic, directive links the reader can further understand a topic while remaining in the realms of your blog.

Connect Calls-to-Action

You are working with many moving parts. Connect them all through your calls to action. For example, within the blog you are publishing, encourage your readers to follow your clients’ social networking channels or share the value of subscribing to their e-newsletter.

In other words, guide your readers through the brand you help to maintain. This will seamlessly have readers build a relationship with your client through the use of well-connected content. The more they explore your clients’ webpage, social media, Google listing, etc. the more likely they are to convert – which is your clients’ big-picture goal.  Plus, it feels good adding shameless plugs showing off your hard work.

Break Up Your Blogs

Some of your blogs are way too long. Most likely this is because too many concepts are discussed in one post. Break up the content by focusing on one idea at a time. Compare it to social media. You wouldn’t dare publish your entire month’s posts in one day. Instead, you would spread them out, letting each post have a little shine.

Treat your blogs the same. Carefully strategize your blogs just as you do your social media. You will better attain more content that spans over a greater period of time.

Another added tip, figure out what information your audience craves. Touch on the topic; then, leave them wanting more. Give them a reason to come back rather than laying everything on the table.

Recruit A Freelancer

If it all becomes too overwhelming consider recruiting a freelancer. Digital marketing can be draining. Sometimes when it comes to new content strategies you have given it your all. Writer’s block is serious; however, it should not take away from accomplishing your content goals. 

When you are really in a bind, know there is a copywriter ready to step up. Simply express your needs and expect us to deliver. 

I am always supportive of those working in the digital marketing industry. For times you need to shift the workload, do not hesitate to get in touch. MK Copywriting is here for you.

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