Here’s Why & How to Resolve it

Struggling with content? I can relate.

As a copywriter, I have no problem creating content. However, as a business owner, I do. 

I mean, clearly, content is important; it’s practically KING. Still, that reason alone was not enough for me to get past the difficulties that came with.

It has taken some much-needed soul-searching as to why I was struggling with content. Then, I was able to develop tips and strategies to help me overcome it. 

And I am here to share some of my struggles and their solutions with you. My goal: to turn my content struggles into my greatest strength. 

Is this yours too?

Yes? I know that’s right! 

Let’s get into it!

Reasons Why You May Be Struggling With Content Creation

There are many reasons why you may struggle with creating content. I address three that me, my clients, and my colleagues have all experienced.

No time.

This reason right here is what held me back.

I swear time just escapes me. There really aren’t enough hours in the day… well, not enough for me to create content.

And, if your business is like mine, your clients are first priority. So by the time you finish taking care of their business, there is really no time (nor energy) for yours.

Plus, if you have a family or household to take care of on top that…. yeah, that content to-do remains exactly where it is has always been — on the backburner. 

No interest.

This is my nice way of saying procrastination. Meaning, you have the time but you prefer to complete other tasks instead. I am okay to admit this and you should be too. No need to feel ashamed. At the end of the day, we are all human. 

Only thing is, the struggle isn’t necessarily procrastination (or no interest). It is our mindsets or approach to creating content. 

Don’t worry though! We will get to the solution for these mental blocks in few. 

Not in your ministry.

You are blessed with many talents and passions, but content creation is not one. You are all about working and growing within your skillset. So why should you take on another, right?

Content creation is in my wheelhouse. Even though it is not the same for you, there’s a solution to where you can still achieve it.

By the way, if there is another reason why you are having a hard time with content creation, please let me know in the comments below. We can continue the discussion down there and share additional tips to help make it your strength.

Potential Solutions

Now that all of the problems are on the table, let’s address how to get past them. What I realized, the solutions have everything to do with your mindset and approach.

Treat Your Content Like Your Client

Another business owner (I can’t remember who) actually shared this gem with me. For so long, I would feel guilty working on my own content, when I knew I had client work to do. However, just like I make time to juggle multiple projects, I learned one of those projects can be my own.

This mindset shift made it easy to carve out time to knock out to-dos. It also made me feel more productive. Not only was I getting my client work completed, but some of mine too. 

I recommend this be your first step towards overcoming your content difficulties. Make time strictly for your content while making time for your clients, as well. 

I do this by squeezing MK Copywriting’s content needs (like writing this blog) right in between my clients. And, I tackle all of my weekly to-dos in the same manner, one-by-one.

Content Plan & Schedule in Bulk

When I work with my clients, we plan, create, and schedule three-months’ worth of content in a matter of weeks.

Can you imagine the relief knowing you only need to think about content four times out of the year instead of every single day? Take that imagination and transform it into reality. 

I understand time is scarce. However, when you have it, make the most of it. Set aside a day or two to plan and schedule as much content as possible. I am talking about a complete brain dump and process. 

It will save you so much time and struggle-stress in the long run. Prime example? This blog! It was written weeks in advance and scheduled for publishing.

I try my best to do this because I never know when my schedule is going to be booked solid or if I will experience writers’ block. So whenever I am granted with downtime, I am head down, creating content. 

Content Tip

Understand that everyone’s content needs are relative to their own business. One month of content to me may look completely different to you.

For example, some may only create one blog post a month along with four social media posts. Whereas, others may produce four blogs a month and 12 social media posts. What I am saying is, content post frequency varies. Make the choice that is best and practical for your business. Then plan, create, and schedule accordingly.

Acknowledge That Content Creation is a Gradual Process

This goes hand-and-hand with the content tip mentioned above. If you struggle to find a solid footing with content for whatever reason, start small.

To do this, first, adjust your mindset. Content creation is not a light switch where once you turn it on… it’s on. Nope. This is a gradual process. You have to dip your pinky toe in, then your ankle. Little by little, work your way up until you have waded away from your struggles.

No matter what, be happy for every ounce of progress. You wrote a social media caption. Great! You outlined a blog post. Yasss! Even reading this blog is a step in the right direction. 

Celebrate every win and challenge yourself to do better. Because you can do better and you will.

Furthermore, carry a spirit of grace. If you have a minor setback that relates to content creation (resorted back to procrastination, failed to make time, etc.) don’t punish or discourage yourself as a result. For what it’s worth, consider it to be another opportunity to try again. And know that you have your sisters and friends (including me) for support as you make your way over these content creation hurdles. 

Repurpose Old Content

Businesses repurpose content all the time. Just because a post was shared or published a year ago doesn’t mean it has lost its value. In fact, it could be even more valuable now, especially if you have a group of followers who may have never seen it before. 

Some of your long-time followers may have missed the post when it was originally published, as well. That algorithm is always changing and content gets buried.

Simply, take what was written then and bring it into the new. This can be done by adding new hashtags, changing up the caption, or maybe the image. The purpose of repurposing is to not create the content all over again. Save time and effort while keeping the essence of the original post. 

The same goes for blogs. Take an old one and republish it. This time, update the title, headings, and call-to-actions. Your content should feel fresh when in actuality it is a good ol’ throwback. 

Deconstruct Content

A slightly different approach to repurposing content is deconstructing. This is great for those who have limited time or brainpower. We already know it happens. So let’s cheat a little.

Instead of coming up with several content ideas for several content pieces, all you need is one idea for several content pieces. 

I discuss this concept on my IG page. Pretty much, you take the main topic or common thread, then break it down into pieces. In other words, don’t spill all your nuggets (thought and ideas) in one post. Take them and spread them over a few posts or platforms.

Deconstructing content is an excellent option for blog posts. However, I have witnessed others do it for podcasts and Youtube videos.

Some super random but relevant examples → Youtube channels. The Real Daytime and The Wendy Williams Show will take an hour-long television episode and split it into five to six video clips on Youtube. And those re-runs? Consider those repurposed content that is then deconstructed into multiple clips also.

These big-time production companies already gave us the blueprint. All you have to do is make it work for you and your business. 

Ask for help

If all else fails…. ask for help. So content creation may not be in your ministry, on your to-do list, or even on your mind. But when you work with me, it doesn’t have to be. 

Remember the goal is to turn those content struggles into your greatest strength. And, you do not necessarily have to rely on yourself to achieve it. 

As I said, content may be king; but there are plenty of QUEENS, like me, willing to create it.

For more information on how I can help with your content needs, click here.

Not quite ready to outsource? Download my free resource Black Girl’s Guide to Better Business Blogging for additional content tips and tricks. It is available below.

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