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That web copy hits different because it is different. It is not your everyday social media caption, e-newsletter, not even a blog post.

Web copy is completely in a lane of its own. And once you understand why it’s different, you will begin to treat it differently — more like an asset that will lead to better outcomes. I’m talking conversions. 

So, yeah, that web copy hits different. Here’s why. 

1. The purpose of web copy is clear and consistent. 

Web copy has one job — narrate your brand story to guide readers towards a buying decision. That’s it. Sure, you can switch up a social media strategy, email campaign, but web copy remains the same.

To execute web copy’s purpose, you need a convincing and cohesive brand voice, style, and messaging. While writing, keep the intent in mind. That way, not only will your web copy fulfill its purpose but also your readers as well.

2. Provides more opportunity to explain yourself. 

With web copy there is more words, information, and opportunities. That’s because web copy isn’t narrowed down by a specific topic or event. Instead, you must discuss your brand as a whole. 

Therefore, I encourage you to tread lightly. Increased opportunity can also lead to increased mistakes made within your copy. So be sure to choose your words wisely. And remember, sometimes less is more. 

3. One and done. 

Once your web copy is written, essentially you never have to write it again. It’s one and done with a few minor tweaks in between.  

With that said, invest in your copy. The greater the investment the longer it will last. 

Truly, take the time to sit and plan what you would like written. Think deeply about your brand. Be introspective to reveal the special and sales-worthy details about your products or services. Then translate those thoughts into meaningful words that will impact (or entice) readers for the long run.

4. The most viewed piece of written content

At the end of the day, you treat your website as a destination — the go-to for everything related to your business.

Your IG bio features a link to your website, right? Those email CTAs take readers to where? Your website! When prospects want to connect with you, 9 times out of 10, they visit… go ahead. Take a wild guess….your website! 

Social media and any other form of marketing are where conversations are made. But, your website is where conversions are made. Hence why it’s the main destination for your business.  

And every person that visits your website, views your web copy. This automatically makes it your most viewed piece of written content.

So that web copy hits different. Truth is, it better! But, how? As your professional web copywriter, I recommend putting quality before quantity if you wish to gain the most value.

For more information on how to increase the quality and value of your web copy, please get in touch.

that web copy hits different

That Web Copy Hits Different: Here’s Why

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Authenticity and simplicity are my thing! And, at MK Copywriting expect them to be yours too. I h

Authenticity and simplicity are my thing! And, at MK Copywriting expect them to be yours too. I h