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Every brand has a purpose, or at least it should. Why? Because consumers care.

It isn’t enough to just sell a product or service. These days, conscious consumers understand that brands are far greater than just their offerings. They want to dig deeper, to learn how these brands impact the world before making any contribution.

That impact is defined through your brand purpose.

So what is a brand purpose and how to find it? I discuss all those details and more below.

Purpose vs. Mission

There is a brand purpose and there is a company mission. The lines of their meaning are often blurred. But, they have two completely different definitions:

A company mission simply states what the company does and who they do it for.

Whereas, a brand purpose expresses why the company does what they do. It is the true intentions of their work (which should supersede money-making). Not to mention, your brand purpose is not a stand-alone entity. Rather an elemental piece of your brand story. 

For some, your passion is your purpose. The reason why you exist is to fulfill your mission.

For others, you have yet to recognize your purpose. Because of that, your business may lack vision, direction, or influence. Let’s change that.

How To Find Your Brand Purpose

To find your brand purpose — there is no right nor wrong approach, just some critical thinking.

You can first, take a solution-oriented approach. Think about your ideal customers and the issues they often face. Then consider your brand. More so, how can it help resolve their problems? Whether it is through your product, service, or something deeper, this could be your purpose.

Another consideration, go back and reflect on why you initially opened your business. There is a reason why you decided to go full force and start your own brand. What was the driver? This could be your purpose.

Last but not least, what is your passion? Who do you want to help the most? Use your products or services to bridge the gap. Let me give you an example. You are an animal-lover– but sell lightbulbs. Combine the two. Sell lightbulbs and for every $1000 sold, 15% is donated to a local animal shelter. Now, your products/ services (e.g. lightbulbs) shine a light onto something more meaningful. This, too, could be your purpose.

Finding your purpose definitely takes some time. Hopefully, those examples get your ideas flowing. Just fully assess your offerings, passions, consumers, and solutions to help define it.

Why Purpose Should Be a Part of Your Brand Strategy

With Purpose Comes Focus

Every business decision and action will be guided by your purpose rather than your revenue-goals. Ultimately, your purpose becomes your moral compass as your brand progresses towards achievement.

Purpose Appeals to Your Audience

Purpose makes your brand more appealing to your ideal consumer. Just as consumers care, your purpose shows that you care, too. That commonality will be the connection between you and your audience. All in all, your purpose opens their eyes to your big picture. In return, they will support and engage with your brand in efforts to become a part of it.

Purpose Puts the Power in Buying Power

Your purpose is the foundation for your product/service value. Command higher prices as you are in the business of making a difference. And, essentially, your customers will pay higher prices to be the difference.

Tips for Defining Your Brand Purpose

  1. Be Clear and Concise – Make your purpose plain. Simply put, your purpose should be powerful, memorable, and attainable. Too many words may have an adverse effect. So, keep it short, simple, and sweet by summing it up in one or two sentences.
  2. Strategically Share Your Purpose – Your brand can have purpose but how will anyone know? As I mentioned before, use it to guide your actions, thread it through every post you share, blog you write. This will allow your products or services to have their shine too.
  3. Stick With It – Don’t change your purpose whenever you see fit. If it will have a lasting impact and is something you truly believe in, stand beside it.

Key Takeaways

Purpose is impactful. It can better your brand and connect you to your dream clients. At the end of the day, knowing your why is not a nice to have but a necessity that should be implemented in all that you hope to do.

If you need help communicating yours, help is here.

The Importance of Knowing Your Why


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