It’s a fast-moving and noisy world. Between social media, advertising, and web sites, businesses are constantly fighting to keep their pace and gain attention just to be heard.

Unfortunately, these businesses can only keep up for so long. Therefore, they carry out desperate strategies — panicked reactions in efforts to earn a quick dollar and stay afloat.

Others are merely silenced in the shuffle. The world continues to move forward as their voice and brand are left further and further behind.

But would if there was a way to cut through the noise without continuously running the marathon of digital? A shortcut to directly communicate with an audience who means the most to you and your brand, while maturing into a profitable business?

It all comes down to what you say and how you say it.

So yes you can hold the attention of an audience. You can grow and maintain your brand, too. But this time we are moving at the pace of you through the power of brand storytelling.

What is a Brand Story

A brand story is a narrative about your brand based on various cohesive elements portrayed to your audience. 

Essentially, your brand story is a peek behind the curtain revealing to everyone who you truly are. It allows you to be fully transparent and honest as you reveal what you do, why you do it, and who you wish to serve.

The Role of Your Audience

Before storytelling of any shape or form takes place it is imperative that you consider your audience. This is because your brand story is written in their eyes. 

They are on the receiving end of your messaging, imagery, logo, client reviews, social media posts, and whatever else you choose to share ( I could go on and on). In return, they respond with their emotions, engagement, and buying authority.

To put in another perspective, every interaction with your brand is audience-based. For every interaction, there is a reaction. The extent of their reaction, either positive or negative, will be a reflection of your current business and, ultimately, your brand story. 

If you hope to grow or change the perception of your business, you must first consider your audience — not the direction the world seems to be moving in. 

Benefits of Brand Storytelling

Sustain Relationships

Your audience wants more connections, more transparency, more honesty, more! Trust me, there is always an underlying craving for people-to-people interactions (especially in today’s climate).

Leverage your digital platform to sustain an online community that thrives off of engaging with you and your brand. This is not the time to hide behind your screen and only publish information that solely sells your products or services. 

Change your one-sided communication into a comprehensive dialogue. Elevate your content to build relationships with your audience. What would like for them to learn and love about you? Wrap it into an introspective blog. Do you need to ask a burning question? Casually take a poll. Have a funny story to tell? Stream a live video so they can laugh with you in real-time. 

There should be a key takeaway with every post beyond just your product or service offerings. Then, Publish. Engage. Repeat.

Moral of the (brand) story: focus on capturing the hearts of your audience instead of only their dollars. Otherwise, you will develop relationships and a brand as shallow as the wallets you are trying to dig in.

Stand Out & Shine

There are a million people doing exactly what you do. What makes you so special? Your brand story- that’s what. 

Step away from dry statistics, icy-cold facts, and stale sales pitches. All brands are more than capable of sharing that exact same information. 9 times out of 10 they are already publishing similar, dull, and repetitive content anyways (once again, trying to stay afloat).

Rather your story empowers you to highlight aspects of your brand that cannot be duplicated. Through storytelling, share emotional truths about your journey, challenges, successes, values, and purpose. Those are the specific details that will make your brand story unique and memorable – thus gaining the attention of your audience and keeping it. 

The Emotional Appeal

As you promote your business through storytelling, it brings your brand to life — gives your brand personality. Consequently, your audience will relate and connect on a deeper level.

They will start to like, know, and trust you which eases their buying decision — making them more likely to become a paying customer.

And with every connection that is made, the audience becomes a part of your story too. 

They want to make their impact by contributing to your brand in some way or another. This contribution could be in the form of a brand advocate or even through customer loyalty

This is where long-term profitability begins to emerge.

Looking at the big picture, the more value you exchange with your potential customer the more value your potential customer will exchange with you. 

Bringing It All Together

No matter how tech-influenced or quick-moving society becomes, nothing can replace the value of authenticity, vulnerability, and human-to-human connections.

Truth is, you can still adhere to the best modern marketing practices while remaining true to your brand and your audience. Make your marketing strategy your brand story — there is no greater time to build a bridge between the two.

By doing so, you may achieve higher engagement, greater brand recognition, and, most importantly, genuine customer connections that will withstand the test and speed of time.

This is the power of brand storytelling.

By the way, how are you choosing to communicate your brand while staying remaining present in this dynamic world?

Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

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The Power of Brand Storytelling