Entrepreneurship is not for the weak. 

If ya’ know ya’ know. Ya’ know?

For some, it is a daily battle. A choice to get up and press towards the success they envision. 

Every day, you have to muster the strength and energy to put one foot in front of the other. One step after the next, just to get your foot in the door. 

It’s a journey. 

An emotionally taxing roller coaster of hopes and anxieties, faith and fears, success and failures, highs and lows.

It’s tough. 

With that said, this post is very much necessary as it serves three purposes: 

One, a genuine mindset check-in. How are you doing, friend? How are you feeling? Please share in the comments, below. This is a safe space. Nothing is off-limits.

Two, to further discuss entrepreneurship, more specifically the pursuit of Black entrepreneurship, and how it influences our mindset as well as our actions. 

Three, to share practical tips that help you transform your mindset and beliefs better positioning you for success.

Because we have to put it all on the table. We have to fully see ourselves to acknowledge our thoughts, mindsets, and perception of success.

At the end of the day, our business doesn’t shape who we are. We shape our business. 

Our Mindset Influences: Entrepreneurship

Not the journey. Not the archetype. But, the title.

On a daily basis, we experience

  • Rejection
  • Failure
  • Competition
  • Show up pressure
  • Financial and income espair
  • Lack of support and understanding
  • Burnout, exhaustion, and stress
  • Self-doubt, worry

But, let’s make one more detail clear. You are more than an entrepreneur.

You are a Black entrepreneur. 

The difference? Here it is….

The Mindset Influence of Black Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is in our blood. It dances throughout our childhood. It’s deeply entwined into our culture, from the roots to your soul

In fact, let’s throw it all the way back!

Do you remember the julep lady? Or the fru cup lady? Every neighborhood had one.

She was the OG! The hustla of hustlas, okay?! 

You begged your mama for a few coins hoping to get your hands on the red julep, pickled egg, or hot sausage. You were due for a snack and the julep lady was your go-to. Time your mother gave in to your pleas, you and your friends would bolt to the julep lady’s house. 

Even though your teeth panged at that first chilling bite of ice, the blazin’ summer heat made you forget all about it. As you indulged, that sweet, sticky syrup stained your smile, cascaded down your chin, and somehow trickled onto your shirt — despite using your hands or wrists as makeshift napkins. 

Little to her knowledge, the julep lady inspired a generation of hustlas — those who sold sticks of chewing gum in the middle school hallway, chocolate bars, CDs, whatever they could get their hands on. All have evolved, now selling tech, merch, and sweet memories.  

We can never forget the women who were determined to be the next Madame C.J. Walker. Or, that one cousin who dreamed of being the first Black ____ (fill in the blank). Not to mention, we all know someone aspiring to be the Black Bill Gates

Before being “The Only,” they were journeying the path to be the first and greatest. Everyone knew their dreams and there was nothing nobody could say that would make them think otherwise.

They took pride in voyaging a unique path in life. Because not only would they be The First, but the leader, paving the way for many more to follow. 

Let’s see…

There was also the “community organizer.” Instead of DIY-ing everything, she was quick to volunteer someone to participate in the church fundraiser, neighborhood block party, or afterschool play. You made sure not to cross paths just to avoid being wrapped up in her intricate plans! Her talents transcended many platforms, remembering to keep someone in her back pocket to make her vision come true. 

So, why do these influences matter?

It’s easy to forget that a lot of these common mindsets we hold as entrepreneurs are based on fantasy and potential, even if it’s negative. 

Mentalities that do not align with who we are and what we’re looking to create can be stifling, like a bird that believes it cannot fly. 

Because we possess the gift of imagination, why not use it to affirm a new narrative for ourselves around our businesses and legacy?

A new narrative in which in your world, you are flourishing, celebrating, sharing, and honoring yourself. A narrative that aligns the fondness of your past with the fullness of your future.

Again, the power and mindset start in how we envision ourselves. What do you see? An entrepreneur? Or a Black entrepreneur? 

How to Transform the Mindsets of Black Business Owners

We encourage you to first recreate or reimagine the true entrepreneur within yourself. Have childlike faith as we become who we desire to be. Sometimes, we can be so quick to imagine and live out the worst of ourselves instead of the best. 

Perhaps what gets you out of a limiting mindset is having a heart-to-heart conversation with a good friend, listening to music, cooking, reading, playing a game, or exploring yourself through blogs like this one. 


  • Create a colorful diagram of boundaries to keep your mind in check. Ask yourself: What practices do my dreams need from me? What am I responsible for? What am I not responsible for? Establish boundaries to allow your mindset to align.
  • After you’ve identified which entrepreneur you are, create a list of helpful affirmations and post it up where you can see it everyday! Example) The DIY CEO → “I am worthy of support. I have a vision and can trust others to make it a reality.”
  • Gather photos, interviews, and/or podcasts of other entrepreneurs and creatives who inspire and motivate you. Take the time to pick their brain and discover their story. What is it about them that magnetizes you? After that, write them a letter of appreciation (you don’t have to send it, of course
  • Imagine that you are entering a new chapter in your entrepreneurial journey. Journal on what mindsets and beliefs you are leaving behind in your last chapter, and what you would like to take with you in this new beginning. Imagine the team you have around you, your community, and dream clients. What do those relationships feel like?

Whatever your avenue may be, it is sure to make a great impact on not only yourself but on the community of people who depend on you and your gifts. 

Remember, this is the same community that shaped and inspired you to be the entrepreneur you are today. 

Some Food for Thought

Transforming your mindset and perception of yourself is a part of the entrepreneurial journey. 

Better yet, it is a staple in your brand story. 

Within that story are many more stories. Those from your childhood, adulthood, mistakes, lessons, wins. All help you understand who you are and should be echoed in your business, closely connecting you to a supportive community (a.k.a dream clients) that surround. 

Need a little help? We got you right over here

For so long, entrepreneurship has been negatively influencing your mindset. It is time your mindset positively influences the Black entrepreneur in you.

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Transforming the Mindsets of Black Business Owners