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Blogs are boring — or, at least, they can be. This freelance Orlando copywriter, me, Mani, is not afraid to admit it. I say it loud and proud with zero regrets. *snaps fingers*


Buzzwords are Complicated and Dull

Content should not be loaded with buzzwords that require the reader to have open in a neighboring tab. Unless your audience already has familiarity with your products or services, you MUST write as though they do not. Quite frankly, having choppy, buzzwordy content is difficult to read; thus, confuses the reader. Not to mention, it is heavy and stale.

No customer should be walking through the virtual storefront of your business, your website, and trip over words like pay-per-click, application-performing-interface, key-performance-indicators, etc.(those are marketing terms, by the way). It is understood you want to be perceived as an expert; however, experts know AND teach. 

Instead, welcome your reader with easily understood words. Have an empathetic attitude. Show and tell. Know your audiences wants then satisfy them with your content. As a result, your reader will leave feeling delighted and eager to learn more. 

Lists are Dry and Redundant

Blogs typically consist of the same format: “5 Ways To Do This…” “3 Steps to Have That…” Most content is organized in a sensical list. Lists are an easy and efficient method to portray informational content; although, what comes easy won’t last. Any content written in this format becomes boring and repetitive very quickly.

As an avid reader and someone who genuinely enjoys great content, I am more so drawn to unique thoughts and ideas presented in unique ways. This is where storytelling and branding can play a huge part. If you are publishing a blog that has been written over 100 times prior are you truly telling your story? What makes you stand out? Every aspect of your brand, your website, business cards, logo, and content should be uniquely you. 

Explore other types of content, like editorial. Editorial content is fun. It provides insight and entertainment for the reader through opinions and news stemmed from the author. This post is a glorious example; well… that’s my opinion. 

State your stance! Dare to back it up! Report on the local news! Give us angles! These pieces add tangibility. They give personality. The more real your brand becomes, the easier for your reader to connect.

Freelance (Orlando) Copywriters are Everything!

As a freelance Orlando copywriter, I have many years of experience. I have written for a variety of clients and audiences. Finding your voice and translating it into words is not easy nor impossible. By calling on the write people (loving that pun), can really aid in establishing your brand. 

Let us shake up your content. It will result in anything but boring. Copywriters can be instrumental in, both, your content strategy and overall marketing strategy. When you are having those big planning meetings, send an invite. Direct mine through my contact page. It would be much appreciated.

#UnpopularOpinion: Blogs are Boring!


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