Visual identity is BIG. 

So big that it completely overshadows, the element that allows a brand to stand out and speak to their dream clients – their brand voice. 

Even though it cannot be seen, your brand voice can be experienced, felt, even heard. 

It is the brains to your brand’s beauty. 

Your brand shows who you are. Your voice tells who you are. 

Brand voice may not be “big.” However, it is oh-so important. 

The Meaning of Brand Voice

Your brand voice is your brand’s unique personality that is expressed through communication. 

As I always say, it’s what you say and how you say it.

The language you incorporate in your messaging shapes your brand’s personality and ultimately your brand voice. The words you use and their context brings your brand to life. 

Brand Voice vs. Brand Tone

Let’s not exclude brand tone from the convo. 

Tone and voice are often used interchangeably. But, in actuality, they have two different meanings. 

Brand voice expresses personality. Whereas, tone describes your attitude and emotions as support. It is typically expressed in response to an event or through dialogue. For example, your voice could be authentic and passionate. However, your tone could be humorous, enthusiastic, or inviting depending on the situation.

Understand brand voice cannot be changed — it remains consistent. However, your tone can vary. In fact, it is encouraged to have a varying tone.

Once again, your brand voice is your personality. You are who you are. Your tones are emotions. They express how you feel and interact with others. 

This is the human element that all brands need; yet, many lack. There are so many companies that are either monotonous or tone-deaf when it comes to communication. They show absolutely zero emotion or their emotions are inconsistent with their message.

Don’t be those companies. 

Give your brand a mind. Then speak it. 

Ways to Establish Your Unique Brand Voice

Based off your own personality

This is simple. Write exactly how you speak. Let your personality and brand voice become one and the same.

Whatever comes to your mind, put it on paper. Then clean it up for readability purposes. 

Establishing a voice based on your own personality is great if you are the face of your brand, e.g. you love making videos, posting photos, or are the main person your clients will engage with. 

Choose this option to allow others to get to know you while also understanding your business. 

Make it up

Just like you pick your brand colors, logo, web design, pick your brand voice. Give your brand a life of its own, a persona.

Don’t just snatch traits out of the air. Instead, ask yourself,

“If my brand was a person, what would they be like?”

This will help describe your brand’s personality and define your brand’s voice. 

Oftentimes business owners illustrate a person that is completely different from who they are. And, that is 100% okay with me.

Treat you and your brand as two separate entities. This positions the spotlight away from you and gives your brand the opportunity to shine on its own. 

Mirror the voice of your customer

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: know your audience.

This is one of the many reasons why. If your audience shares similar personality traits, you can easily embody those in your brand. 

A brand that is a direct representation of their ideal client will probably be more successful. I mean, birds of a feather flock together, right?

Relatability is everything.

If you can establish a brand voice that others can identify with, you are sure to reap the benefits. 

NOTE: When establishing your brand voice, try your best not to mimic others. Your brand voice, just like your brand, is unique. Look to others for ideas. However, let them solely inspire you to create your own. 

Final Word

Your brand image matters. So does your brand voice. 

Frame your image with profound words and messaging that molds your brand’s personality. Take time to define your brand voice. Then establish effective ways to communicate it. Because remember, it’s always about what you say and how you say it. 

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Ways to Establish Your Unique Brand Voice