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custom web copy for black female entrepreneurs

MK Copywriting's signature service that provides authentic done-for you copy you will be proud to call your own.

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How it Works

own custom copy in three easy steps!

1. discovery call

2. revision rounds

3. copy ownership

This is all about you, girl! I want to know everything about you and your business. Consider this to be a casual and introspective interview. During the call, I listen for your unique tone and your “black girl magic” that will bring your copy to life.

I take the magic that was shared in our phone call and combine it with my own magic (natural ability for writing, selling without selling, narration) to create your web copy drafts. I then ask for your feedback (three times) to better fine-tune what was written.

My goal is to have your complete satisfaction after three rounds of revision. Once you approve the web copy, I send the final drafts. Everything that was written becomes 100% yours! There is no branding nor writing credit required on my end.

What to expect

work with me

Expect to own web copy that is as real as you! Your copy will look, feel, and sound as if you wrote it. Your tone, thoughts, and passions are profoundly expressed.

This is because, it is one thing to be seen. It is one thing to be heard. But it is whole notha' thing to be understood. I can relate and articulate your brand story into meaningful, clear, copy that connects with your dream client. 

Look forward to an enjoyable and revealing process that will lead to copy you'll love and will be proud to share.

some web copy


I love, love the copy! Like this is so good. I wish I could be this clever. The About page is one of my favorites!

Brittney h., real estate agent

Latesha l., brand coach

This is exactly what I was trying to articulate! You know I know when the copy is right and this is it!

This is AMAZING!! I mean like amazing amazing! Thank you! You’re so great at this! I felt like I was reading all my thoughts!

dr. micaela h., public speaker & coach

frequently asked questions

what is the investment?

I offer one signature web copy package for a one-time price of $1000. Within this package, I write three pages of web copy, Home, About, & Services (Products). This package includes a discovery call session, three revision rounds, and content ownership. 

are payment plans available?

In order for work to begin, all payments must be completed upfront and in full. 

will i be required to write?

Absolutely not! When you hire me, you are relieved from doing any copywriting. I do my job so you can do yours. 

how long until i receive my web copy?

After the discovery call, expect to receive your web copy 7 days later. And there is a 3-5 day turnaround when we begin revision rounds. The process should take no longer than three weeks to complete from discovery call to copy ownership.

how soon can we get to work?

I am ready whenever you are! I am actively booking web copy clients and would love to work with you. To get started, complete and submit the contact form via my Contact page. Then you will receive an email to book your complimentary consultation. 

Whether you are looking for inspo or insight, you will find both in my web copywriting portfolio! Download my free portfolio to gain access to real world professional examples of what web copy should be and what yours could be!


Download my free portfolio of web copy samples