establish human-to-human connections and a stronger brand identity with soul-to-site web copy. 

Human to human connections are GOLD when it comes to owning a successful business. They are the building block of strong client relationships and are pivotal in sustaining credibility, recognition, not to mention those dolla dolla bills. But, to create human-to-human connections your brand must feel human, real, authentic, approachable, right?! That’s the goal of Soul-to-Site web copy...articulate the soul of your brand, then bring it to your website.

We peel back the layers of your business to get to the heart of your brand. The focus isn’t your product or services. More so, your brand values, messaging, and purpose will be pushed to the forefront. The process is an introspective journey that reveals unique details of your brand, you would never have thought on your own, let alone verbalize. My responsibility is to take that passion you share and translate it into meaningful and engaging words. 

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for me.

The About section is the second most viewed page on your website. This is because before any client wants to work with you, they first want to know you. Bless them with the opportunity to understand who you are through powerful and illustrative storytelling provided with the Soul-to-Site web copy package. 

Looking to stand out among your competitors? Truly make a statement with your products or services? I will make it bold. Soul-to-Site web copy solidifies your brand identity by highlighting your unique selling proposition. That signature will be threaded throughout your Services page to better emphasize all that you do. 

Soul-to-site web copy includes a foundational Home page that introduces the key elements of brand story. The copy will be a harmonious balance between your passion and purpose. The intention is to seamlessly guide the reader through every page of your website while convincing them to work with you. 

an about page that communicates the heart of your brand


A home page that connects your passion to your purpose

make it yours!

Love Your Brand|

soul-to-site web copy process

1. 60 Minute soul chat

This is an introspective interview that dives deep into your business. You will be encouraged to speak yo’ mind and speak your heart, goals, vision, plus so much more. Simply, show up as your best self and your web copy is sure to follow.

2. mkc magic 

You brought your black girl magic. Now, let me add some MKC magic to the mix! During this step, I take the time to translate your expressed thoughts into words... not just any words -- compelling web copy aimed to inspire readers to engage.

3. copy editing

Let the collaboration begin. I'll hand over your drafts. In return, I ask for your open and honest feedback. Changes will be made according to your desired edits. Here, I strive for your happiness and approval. Yet, I rely on your active participation to help make it happen. 

4. soul-to-site wrap-up

Your Soul-to-Site web copy drafts are finalized and will be ready for publishing. There is no branding nor writing credit on my end. Just know that everything I write will become 100% yours. 

a consistent brand voice

Own clear, concise, and consistent brand communication across your core web pages. Your brand voice will be synonymous with your logo, name, etc. strengthening your brand identity.

a.k.a wins!

pro-written web copy

Compelling and telling copy

Soul-to-Site web copy is designed to transform your site readers into your dream client. They will be inspired by powerful storytelling, motivating them to engage with your brand.

No matter what, you will gain pro- written web copy! Whether you are wanting a website refresh or getting a brand new site, you will have long-lasting copy to support your investment. 



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This service is inspired by and dedicated to
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Industry game changers -- rule breakers and rule makers.

Blazing trails tryna set the world on fire (I see you, sis!).

Passion driven & purpose-filled.

From local to global, women making a positive impact in their community.

Journey-oriented fempreneurs using their platform to teach, inspire, and grow others.

Women with a story to fact, your business is your story or the result of past experiences.