Hands down, my most frequently asked question is “What is a copywriter?” Other times, I get:

“Copywriter? What’s that?”

“So, what exactly do you do?” 

“A what?”

Yeah, I have heard it all when it comes to a copywriter and what it entails.

Unfortunately, many people I come across. whether through networking or just day-to-day encounters, have absolutely no idea what it is I do. However, they witness and interact with the work of a copywriter nearly every second of every hour. 

Our work bombards you on a daily. It is nearly inevitable to overlook our talent. Yet, the actual copywriter is ignored or misunderstood entirely.

A Copywriter Defined

Simply put, copywriters write and/ or create marketing materials i.e. a brochure, advertisement, presentation, social media caption, etc. Each marketing material has written words, better known as copy. The person that writes the copy is the copywriter. 

In short, we create the text that engages or persuades the reader to act. 

Truly, copywriters are the voice of your favorite brands, ads, quotes, hashtags, and more. We are an intricate aspect of how you receive a majority of your messages. We are the culture! Okay…that’s maybe taking it too far. Still, we have a strong influence on consumers and the media. 

Whether you like it or not, copy is everywhere and so are copywriters. 

What A Copywriter Is Not (Record Scratch)

Just thought I throw this in for personal reasons — trust me, it’s necessary…

Understandably, copywriters are often confused with the term “copyright.” Rewinding it all the way back to grade-school “copywriter” and “copyright” are homophones. Meaning, they sound similar but have two completely different meanings. 

To clarify a copywriter creates the content. Whereas, a copyright legally protects it.

Now, back to the blog…

Types of Copywriters

Alongside knowing what copywriters are, it also helps to know the many types. 

With so many content and marketing platforms, it is nearly impossible for a copywriter to work with it all. Instead, copywriters specialize in creating copy for mediums that reflect their talents and passions. Described below are the most commonly used copywriters.

Print Copywriters

Often times, print marketing materials are distributed or exchanged in passing. You are handed a flyer, handed a business card, handed a brochure. You get the picture. Print Copywriters themselves get the picture, as well. Then they create the copy that causes you to stop and stare. 

Content Strength: books, flyers, direct mail, catalogs, and brochures

Digital Copywriters

Digital copywriters are all about the buzz. In essence, they are the conversation starters. As a matter of fact, their sole responsibility is to find the exact words that entice readers to react. Between crafting a custom hashtag or shaping email subject lines, they are working every visitor down the marketing funnel to ultimately become a paying client.

Content Strength: everything social media, landing pages, digital ads, and e-newsletters

Creative Copywriters

Creative copywriters are pure geniuses. Somehow, they think the unthinkable when it comes to developing original and catchy phrases. In my opinion, they establish the base in any brand’s voice. Naturally, they have the wit or magic necessary to get your brand noticed and known.

Content Strength: taglines, titles, business names, campaign concepts

Web Copywriters

Web Copywriters create content to have a business website perform. Their number one goal is to increase web traffic, increase conversions, and increase ROI. Web Copywriters help you get seen. All of their content is produced, enhanced, and formatted in a manner that pleases search engines. And if their really good, they, too, will please your site visitors…enough to buy.

Content Strength: blogs, meta descriptions, SEO titles, webpage copy (Home Page, About Page, etc).

Which Am I?

I am definitely NOT a creative copywriter. In all honesty, I am completely caught off guard when someone asks me to name their specific product, service, or even their business. Seriously though, it’s like asking me to name your baby! Too much pressure. So much so, that I freeze. Don’t get me wrong, I am creative; I am just not a creative copywriter

But I can surely tell you that I am a web copywriter. Actually, I got introduced to copywriting through social media (it’s a long story). Then, eventually, it led me to web copywriting which is where I stand out (in a good way).

Being a web copywriter, I write blogs (obviously), web page copy, meta descriptions, and SEO titles (not to be confused with creative titles) to increase brand awareness and visibility. If clients want a strong online presence (equally as strong as their social media presence, if not more), then web copywriters are the go-to.

What Does a Copywriter Do?

So, we write the text content in marketing materials; but, we do so much more. The nature of each benefit varies on the specific copywriter you choose to work with.

All in all, we work to get business owners’ results. While we hone in your brand message and audience the underlying purpose is to achieve your ROI. At the end of the day, we know your voice will get heard. Yet, seeing a return proves it.

With that said, copywriters are also the gray area between marketing and writing. On one hand, we are wordsmiths. On the other, we are content strategists.

In an effort to bring customers to your door, copywriters conceptualize winning-content, client-winning ideas. Then, they are beautifully executed through diction and declaration.

Some may prefer gimmicks to attention-grab, we use straight copy to convert readers into buyers. Increasing brand awareness and brand knowledge to increase ROI is what copywriters do best. 

The Takeaway

I know that was a lot. Part of me was venting another was thoroughly explaining because copywriters are a big deal. All I want is for the world to know, starting with you. So, if you take away anything from this blog, please remember:

1.  Copywriters create text within marketing materials that persuades readers to act. 

2.  While a copywriter creates the content, a copyright legally protects it.

3. A copywriter’s big picture goal is to build brand awareness and increase ROI.

Was that helpful? Did you learn something new? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Also, get in touch with this copywriter for more details.

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