Being on an entrepreneurial journey is playing a childhood classic game of ‘House.’ You remember how it goes.. 

“I’ll be the x, you be the (insert role here) and hmm.. you can be the (insert role here)!” Right?

Our child selves played out those big roles with such a heart! And today, we play out this other bold, courageous role.

We all play the role of “Boss Lady” or “Boss Man” differently. Our roles change depending on where we are on our journeys.

The journey of hopes and anxieties, faith and fears, success and failures, highs and lows. 

We are here to check in and help put your troubles aside. Let’s hop off the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship and play a quick game. Ready?

Which Entrepreneur Are You?

The rules are simple. Read through these entrepreneurial archetypes. Based on the description, determine which resonates most with you. 

A.The Only

You put the solo in solopreneur. Not because you want to but because you have to. You are truly the only person in your business: 

  • that sees and understands your vision
  • that understands your hustle, product, or services
  • in your family or circle that even owns a business
  • who truly appreciates and supports your hard work

It is just you and your business against the world.


You DIY everything in your business! You are determined to try something yourself before you trust anyone else (even if they are reputable experts!). 

There could be a million to-dos that need to get to-done. You’ll take pride and joy in knocking them out, one-by-one. 

C. The Hustla’

Imma hustla’… Imma, Imma hustla’ homie…

And imma take my time because most likely this is you. It is believed they are the most common entrepreneurs out there.

Y’all are some smooth talkers. Natural salesman. The genius, mastermind behind a business. For every problem, you have a product or service that is the solution and will skillfully sell it as such. 

That’s business, right? 

Wrong! Business for hustlas is all about the chase. 

You are constantly strategizing moves to get the next dollar, next client. 

When you are not chasing money, you are chasing the latest trend or hot commodity (a.k.a solution), excited to learn its earning potential. 

One day you are selling tech. The next, t-shirts. Fish plates. 

No matter what, you are always about your hustle. 

So, what do these archetypes say about you?

Each archetype has its negative traits too. Yet that’s what made playing House so fun – you got to be the bossy big sister or the parent that always said “no!” 

Our vices are what make us human. Let’s discover what they are in entrepreneurship below:

If you are A. The Only…

There is no one available to lean on or learn from. Every decision and mistake made as well as their weight falls back on you. Even in your greatest moments, you feel as though there’s no one to share them with.

This victim mentality creates stagnancy and prevents you from reaching your true potential, to where you feel “stuck.”

If you are B. The DIY CEO

You are afraid or refuse to ask for help. The DIY CEO would rather fail their way to the top than outsource, communicate, and trust their needs with others…. 

Or, maybe… you lack the dollars or time to invest in third-party resources.

You and your business get in the way of opportunities for collaboration and support. 

If you are C. The Hustla’

Your main goal is to make money, even if that means:

  • negotiating prices (diminishing your value) out of desperation
  • working with any and everyone (including the most painful clients)
  • not being truly happy and satisfied with your work
  • Feeling extreme burnout and exhaustion in the process

You work in a reactive and survival-based mindset. Chasing money has caused you to lose yourself (and your vision) in the process. 

Being too busy on the grind doesn’t allow you to enjoy the pleasures and surprises of entrepreneurship. 

So, what’s next?

Well…that’s a good question. So good, that we have to savor the answer and applications for later. 

Yup. This is a two-parter. 

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In other words, stay tuned! 

In the meantime, we’d love to know in the comments:

Which of these entrepreneurial archetypes do you resonate with the most?

Identifying our vices is no easy task, but luckily we are playing the game of ‘Entrepreneurship’ together.

See ya in Part 2!

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Which Entrepreneur Are You?