Not going to lie, AI technology is becoming a concern for us copywriters out here. 

More and more big-name companies are turning to AI copywriting to write product descriptions, emails, blogs, everything

As a result, some copywriters have already lost their jobs. Others are feeling the pressure to compete – nervously sensing they could be the next to go.

But, is AI really a threat to copywriters? Will AI replace copywriters?

After much research, the answer is NO.

What is AI Copywriting?

Unbounce has the simplest definition:

“…content generated by machine learning software.”

Think of AI Copywriting as a content calculator. It’s plug-and-play! Type in your content needs. Hit enter. AI technology will deliver your desired content results. 

The genius is how the writing is actually produced. The machine is able to scour thousands of online pages (with similar content). Based on its findings, it spits out new content…more like a fresh remix of the old in seconds. 

AI Pros

AI copywriting technology is ridiculously easy and convenient.

Not even the top copywriters can produce content at lightning speed. Not to mention, that plug and play feature is next-level. It cuts out the think piece that comes with writing, e.g.: research, outlining, drafting,…writer’s block.

That alone saves so much time, especially if you need content in a pinch. 

There are also multilingual capabilities….The lower price…. 

However, don’t get too caught up. Because AI copywriting has a significant downside.

AI Copywriting Cons

Where do we begin?

How about the fact that, yes, AI produces new content, but that content is far from original. 

What’s on the other end of that plug and play? That content calculator? Just a copy of a copy of a copy…and so on. Remember, the machine scours the Internet. Then, it compiles those findings. It technically doesn’t write anything. 

So, if you prefer to:

  • have your content stand out
  • deeply connect with an audience
  • increase your brand awareness
  • fully communicate your expertise
  • profoundly share your brand story

…with AI, it won’t happen. 

And, of course, AI gets the job done. But, what’s the point if it serves no greater purpose (like the many bullets above)?

Perhaps, the biggest limitation of AI, no human appeal. The copy is one-dimensional and one-note.


  • emotions
  • colloquialisms
  • wit
  • humor
  • spice!

AI copywriting technology is all brains. No heart. You’ve seen The Wiz, right?! 

Truth be told, your audience craves creativity. It’s the juicy secret to good marketing!! 

The human appeal makes content (any content) successful, impactful, entertaining, and special. Not to mention, creative content writing is pivotal in creating human-to-human connections. Heartfelt content sparks conversations, develops authentic client relationships, grows an online community, ultimately leading to greater brand recognition, loyalty, and dolla’ dolla’ bills.

Plus, AI copy technology can’t think of it all. Many falsely approach AI as the answer to all of their brand communication. But, YOU have to plug in before it can ever play

You have to:

  • understand your brand voice
  • effectively communicate your messaging
  • think of a topic and its cluster
  • execute a strategy.

Because AI could neva’.

So, Will AI Replace Copywriters?

It could replace the work but never our value.

There is just something so artistic and skillful about copywriting that cannot be duplicated. 

However, even though AI won’t replace copywriters, it doesn’t mean you should fully dismiss this powerful tool. 

In fact, MK Copywriting is strongly considering utilizing AI copy tech to support our brand communication efforts. Mainly to write meta descriptions, email subject lines, preview text, SEO titles. You know… the boring stuff. 

Over here, we are not hatin’ nor sweatin’ this so-called “threat.” Better yet, we can probably teach AI a thing or two! 

All jokes aside though…

We understand the brain that is AI copywriting. And, when combined with our hearts, our content and our clients’ success will be unfathomable. 

Which is our brand purpose and goal.

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Will AI Replace Copywriters?