Next Steps You Should Take To Help Publish & Promote Your Blog

How many times have you written a blog…and didn’t publish it? You simply forgot about it?

Or, maybe you did publish it and left it at that? You let it fade into the background?

For me, that is a no-go!!! Your blog has value and it should be treated as such. 

What is that value? Blogs can do great work for your website and brand. However, you have to put in some work to make that happen. 

So here are detailed and simple steps you can take to propel your blog and, ultimately, your brand as well. 

Read & Revise

If you did not publish a blog, it’s probably for a good reason. Maybe you do not feel confident in what you created. Oftentimes, you may be unsure if the blog truly amplifies your brand voice or if it will connect to your dream clients. And, that’s okay. 

As you edit and revise your blog, keep your goals in mind. If you want it to sound a certain way or appeal to a specific audience, do not abandon the blog (I refuse to let that happen). Instead, tweak it here and there until it evolves into a publish-worthy post. 

Gain an outsider’s perspective. Use Chrome Extensions like Grammarly to take care of the grammar (obviously) and readability. Call on friends or family for honest opinions about the voice, message, and overall feel of the blog.

Whoever you choose to read it, remember they do not have to be experts in blogging. Because 9 times out 10, the person (your ideal client) reading your blog is not an expert either. They just want great content that answers their question or provides deeper insight on a particular topic.  And 9 times out of 10, your blog post did not need too much editing to begin — you just needed confirmation.

Remember, when it comes to editing a blog strive for completion, not perfection.

Take into account their feedback. Assess your own thoughts and opinions. Then, revise accordingly.

Find Images & Video

I love me a good blog and photo combo! Blog posts are traditionally word heavy (they can go on and on). It can be daunting for the reader to consume that much information in one sitting. As a professional copywriter, I know. Once a blog hits over 1000 words, I am completely checked out.

This is why I am such a fan of including images with blogs. They help to break up and balance the text, increasing readability and interest. Like the one below. 

promote your blog | strive for completion not perfection

Images are also excellent supplemental material for your blog. Whether your photos are customized in Canva, stock images, snatched from your IG account, even explainer videos, they all can better illustrate your ideas.

Don’t forget that header and feature image. These go hand in hand with your blog title and link. In other words, they are the first impression…more like the sneak peek of your entire post. Make it beautifully branded and related to the topic being discussed. 

Schedule Your Blog

Sometimes we let ourselves get in our own way. For some reason, no matter how well-written our blog is, we can not hit that “Publish” button. I was once that way. I had all of these blogs saved as drafts and nothing more. It wasn’t until I realized that if I put in all this effort to write the blog, someone has gotta read it. In other words, I did not put in all that time and work in creating a blog for it to go to waste. 

Even knowing that, occasionally I still had my hesitations. I was able to get around it by auto-scheduling my posts. As soon as I revised my blog and dressed it up with images, I queued it for scheduling. Since I was unable to hit Publish, I set up my blog to do it for me. 

What once was my biggest enemy has now become my most helpful asset. That scheduling feature has come in clutch. Not only am I able to schedule blogs well in-advanced, but I also do the same for my clients.

Passing on the Publish button has allowed me to take a passive approach when it comes to uploading content. All I focus on is creating the content and I let the hosting platform take care of the rest. 

Promote Your Blog. Here’s How.

Pin it to Pieces

When I say Pin it, I am referring to Pinterest. Why Pinterest? It gives your blog the best of both worlds. The platform behaves in the same manner as Google. Meaning it is essentially a search engine allowing various users to easily discover new content on mobile or desktop. Yet, it has the speed and visual appeal as some of your favorite social networks. 

Feel free to post an Instagram-style image that connects to your blog. Add an engaging description. Publish.

You will quickly see the benefits. The most important is that it can lead to an increase in brand awareness and website traffic. 

While you are creating images for your specific blog, kill two birds with one stone. Create pins to go along with the post, as well. FYI, for my current web content clients, this step and all the other steps mentioned (plus a few more) are already taken care of. Aren’t you happy you hired me as your web copywriter? So, am I!

Oh and one more thing, when you schedule your blog for publishing be sure to schedule those Pins too! That way, you can promote your blog post almost immediately.

Share It In Your eNewsletter

I understand that not every business has an enewsletter. But, for those that do, that blog will be an appreciated feature. Clearly you already have a devoted audience. Why not take advantage?!

You can even strengthen your network by giving them first access to exclusive content. Remember how I just mentioned calling on family and friends to review your blog? You can reach out to subscribers too. They will be honored that you trusted them and happily give you support and feedback.

Sharing blogs help to create special moments that will further connect your target audience to your brand. They will feel valued by you and express their value in return. And it all starts just after you write your blog. 

Save It In Your Instagram Story Highlights

The relationship between Instagram and blogs is complicated. The nature of each tends to work against each other. However, Instagram Story Highlights can be your saving grace.

IG’s downside is its short content lifespan.

For example, sharing a blog-related post to your feed only appears 48 hours in your followers timeline. And posting it to your story cuts that time in half. 

On the Internet a blog can virtually live forever (web content never gets old). However, Instagram proves that forever doesn’t last for these style of posts except in your Story Highlights.  

Highlights are collections of stories categorized by the type of content being shared. Once you save a Story to your Highlight, it is there where your blog can live forever (just as it was meant to be). 

My suggestion: create a highlight that is solely for blogs or your content pillars. Then save the blog-related story into the highlight where it best fits. 

So, You Wrote Your Blog… Now What?!

Publish your blog. Promote your blog. That’s it. As I said, a blog’s lifespan is virtually forever. And its value will live virtually forever, as well, once you take into account those simple steps listed above.

Was that helpful? I hope so. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. 





You Wrote Your Blog… Now What?!

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